• Overall prisons should be humane

    But it's not always possible because of budget problems. Watch Inside The World's Toughest Prisons on Netflix with Rafael Rowe. It's an eye opener and shows you wants going on. 20% of inmates are minimum security and 80% are usually in maximum security. It's a fine line between government budget, Punishment and rehabilitation. Some murderers can't be rehabilitated and gangs take over the prisons. In such cases I have no mercy. Too many conveniences in prison are a waste of tax payer's money.

  • Not every country can afford it

    I agree that all prisons should be humane, But we shouldn't ban inhumane prisons, Countries such as Thailand and other islandic nations do not have the resources to create/maintain prisons which would be considered humane by our western standards. Having a prison that is inhumane is better than having no prison at all.

  • Prisons were made to be inhumane.

    A prison that is not feared is a nothing more than a crowded vacation home. Prisons will always be inhumane. There's a reason they tell you to not drop the soap. The worst part about any prison is the inmates. If men fear prison, They won't commit crimes. Take that fear away, And it's a vacation.

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