Should inmates from Gitmo be moved to the United States?

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  • They should stay in cuba

    Those people are in there for a big reason about ninety percent of the inmates are TERRORISTS like the guy who blew up the Boston marathon bombing so that is why i think they should keep the inmates in Cuba once again that's why they should stay in cuba for their whole lives then get the death penalty with no trial

  • Morally yes, pragmatically no

    That about sums it up. There's no reason to believe that the prison these inmates are removed to would be a morally superior situation anyways, and would just as likely, if not more, be worse I reckon.

    A single prison closure, even Gitmo, does not constitute a total departure from amoral handling of enemy combatants, or any lesser opponents of the USFG.

    Don't let your sense of egalitarianism make you naive.

  • Yes I believe so

    I believe that even though the cost is high, it is necessary for the security of our people. Our President says that he will move all the dangerous inmates to an undisclosed location in the US. What happens if supporters find out and they break them out? Then they disappear and wreak havoc within the US. Gitmo was a fortified island, it was basically impenetrable but anywhere in the US, it is possible to do anything and escape anywhere.

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