Should Insane Clown Posse sue the FBI for designating Juggalos as a gang?

  • Juggalos Are Innocent.

    I think that it is ridiculous that the FBI think that Juggalos are a gang.
    Yes there is probably Juggalo's that are gang members or murderers but, that is such a minority. I just don't understand how people see them as dangerous. Just because there are some killers or gang members that are juggalos doesn't mean that ALL Juggalos are gang members. Look how many gang members there are, and see how many of them are Juggalos, I bet you anything that hardly any of them are juggalos.

  • If they can

    Juggalos are silly. I've never understood ICPs appeal. But they're not a gang, they're a fanbase. As one person in column no says the FBI may have immunity. They shouldn't. Sovereign immunity is the worst idea ever. It enables unchecked abuse of power. But perhaps they can at least challenge the classification even if they can't get monetary damages.

  • No, they are a gang.

    No, Insane Clown Posse should not sue the FBI for designing Juggalos as a gang, because the FBI made that determination in the interests of public safety based on the information they had. Another reason they should not sue them, is that the FBI likely has immunity, and a lawsuit would not likely be successful.

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