• Yes!

    I believe that it should be. It causes so many people to lose there life savings while others simply get to walk away because they have an inside connection. It destorys lives. It destroys familys. It destorys peoples hopes and dreams. It hurts the little man, and makes the rich man richer.

  • Of course not

    As seen to the left, the only person that thinks it should be here actually doesn't and simply didn't read the question. There's nobody that would support this that isn't in on it and abusing the practice themselves, this destroys people that can't take the financial hit so that the fortunate few that could endure it get a little richer.

  • No, Insider Trading Should Not Be Legal

    Insider trading should not be legal because no one should be privy to inside information when it comes to financial matters. This is the only way to make sure the playing field is level and no one has an unfair advantage over anyone else. If insider trading were to become legal, no one would make any money except those with the inside information.

  • No

    That is not fair that some one would get information that not every one else would have access to. Insider Trading only promotes underhandedness and people being sneaky. People would pay good money for that information and that only leads to bribery and crooked things like that. Of course it should not be legal.

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