• Instincts are why you are alive.

    It is your instinct to put your hands in front of you when you fall so you don't hit your head. It is your instinct to duck if something is flying at your head. It is a babies instinct to eat. It is instinct that lets you move so fluidly. Imagine actually thinking about every movement you make, every time you blink, every breath you take. You wouldn't last.

    Instinct should be trusted a whole hell of a lot more than it shouldn't be trusted. The reason people think that it shouldn't be trusted is because it is our conscious mind that is the vehicle for distrust of instincts. We are not conscious of all the times our instincts DO help us so we don't know how important they are.

  • Instincts are hardwired towards survival

    Humans have instincts for a reason. Why do we feel fear when we hear suspicious noises? Instinct. Why do we get mad when someone hits us? Instinct. Why recoil when we touch a hot object? Instinct. In fact, it is instinct that tells us whether a situation is dangerous or not. It tells us whether or not we should touch the spinning saw blade, or run from the roaring lion. It tells us to back down when other humans show anger or to feel compassion when we see someone in trouble. Instinct is reason why humans are the way they are today, and I feel that it would be very foolish just to simply and outright ignore it. Should we turn away from instinct in certain cases? Sure, why not? But to completely cast it away is foolhardy.

  • At least not always.

    Instincts are something that we've naturally had as a survival mechanism, but like everything else we've gone above it. It isn't that we are superior though, it's just that it isn't as useful in our society.
    Instincts let you think "danger! Danger!" when you're scared, but something that's scary-looking isn't always dangerous. I'm pretty sure that going to your first interview won't cause a fireball to hit you as soon as you walk in. This could lead you to be defensive when it isn't necessary, and THAT is what will cause a dangerous situation.
    Reasoning and taking your time to think about the situation isn't instinct, but it is better to use. It allows you to better understand the situation and not jump to conclusions. There may be situations where instinct could be useful, but it isn't something to rely on in your daily life.

  • Absolutely not. Word

    We are not instinctual beings. We have analytical reasoning and other parts of the brain that are much more trustworthy than our instincts. By instincts im guessing you mean feelings. Feelings are always wrong. As children they tell you that monsters are under your bed and ghosts are in your house and as adults they tell you that whatever your parents told you is true. Almost everybody sticks to their raising and with the contradictions much more than 99.9 percent of people have to be wrong about their religious beliefs and moralities. The guy that said yes says that instincts tell us whether a situation is dangerous or not. Our intelligence is a much better tool though. Instincts or feelings will tell you that its dangerous to be out in the dark. So does this mean i shouldnt go out at night even if i need to? Do we really need instincts to run from a lion or any dangerous situation? If we trusted our instincts we would be no different than other animals. Instincts will tell you to hate black people and do horrible things. Instincts make you territorial. Instincts will tell you to fling your crap at each other. I dont want to live in that instinctual world and i dont think the guy who answered yes would either. He is just too stupid to know what instincts actually are.

  • Instinct is a lie

    According to instinct we should act on what we see, but not on what it is. For example, if a man randomly offers to carry your bags on a subway train or metro, your instincts might tell you he is trustworthy. But you should look past your instincts and see a potential thief instead.

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