Should institutions redefine the concept of 'education' in the modern day and implement alternative ways of educating?

  • Education Should Be Innovative

    I believe if people have ideas that will help education innovate and improve for the future, then by all means we should be trying these different methods out. We have no way of innovating the education product without trial and error, so if we can implement changes to see if different methods work, then I think we should.

  • Hands-On, Experiential Education Works Best

    The best kind of education deals with hands-on experiences to move education from a theoretical, classroom setting into real-world applications. Personal finance classes can include working at a bank for a day or going grocery shopping on a budget. Physics classes can include experiments with gravity, automobiles (inertia), walking, bicycling and the like. There are endless possibilities for hands-on learning, something that should be done every day at school.

  • Education should be a dynamic process

    Through the years, I've realized education in Primary and High School institutions is deficient. It promotes competition, it does not support the situation of the individual beings and only encourages repeating things without understanding. It seems that most of the institutions nowadays tend to 'standarize' the educational process and the parents tend to let the schools to 'guard' their children instead of educating them conjunctively.

    My point is: the process of knowledge and how to know things should have alternative and different ways applied other than leaving a children for 5 or 6 hours in a 'mediocre's factory' with archaic costumes.

    Of course, parents must be educated as well. And it's no easy task, in the socio-economic paradigm in which we are living nowadays.

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