Should insurance be required to cover contraceptives?

Asked by: Nahagliiv
  • yes,insurance should be requred to cover contraceptives.

    Yes,insurance should be required to cover contraception.Insurance should cover women and men equally and that is currently not the case.Some women also use contraception as way to get needed hormones and just generally balance out their body in a way that they can lead normal lives and not be hampered.

  • No, insurance should not be required to cover contraceptives.

    This topic has become a political debate, because organizations like the Catholic church have been informed they will be required to insure for certain types of contraceptives, even ones which go against their opinions about when life begins (at conception). Because this has become an issue that infringes on religious rights, it should not be forced upon any insurance provider to do this. Our country was founded on freedom of religion, and that's one of the rights we must respect. With more insurance options now available, if people don't agree with what a specific insurance covers, they do have other options.

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