Should insurance companies be more transparent about the health plans they sell through Obamacare exchanges?

  • Insurance companies should be more transparent.

    Insurance companies should be more transparent because consumers have a right to know what these health care plans entail. The insurance companies should not be hiding anything when it comes to people's health. Additionally, since the plans are sold through a Federal exchange, people should have the right of transparency through the Freedom of Information Act.

  • Yes, insurance companies should be more transparent about Obamacare health plans.

    Yes, insurance companies should be more transparent about Obamacare health plans. Consumers have the right to know what they are signing up for. The government should be honest with consumers about what Obamacare health plans entail and work to provide solutions to existing issues.That is the only way that health care is going to improve in the United States.

  • Yes, transparency allows the consumer the ability to make a sound decision.

    Insurance companies should be more transparent to allow the consumer to make intelligent decisions. It also "levels the playing field" across the industry. No one insurance company can claim an advantage if it is not apparent to the consumer. When the consumer has all the available information, the consumer generally makes better choices. This in turn, in an open market, strengthens the competition which is a win-win situation for the consumer.

  • Yes, insurance companies should absolutely be more transparent about health plans sold through Obamacare exchanges.

    On one hand, despite all the noise and the criticism, Obamacare has undoubtedly done the nation a lot of good. The numbers of uninsured citizens in the US has long been a severe outstanding political and social problem, and it's great to see these people given some help. But the health care exchanges that have been set up have also opened up the door for predatory practices by insurance companies, and something needs to be done to remedy this.

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