Should insurance companies pay benefits differently between Evidence-Based Medicine and traditional medicine?

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  • Insurace companies should not pay differently

    Patient treatment should be decided by the doctor caring for the patient rather than being directed by insurance companies. Whether that doctor feels Evidence-Based medicine or traditional medicine is the best approach for their own practice or for the individual they are treating. Insurance companies have far to much control over what care the patient receives.

  • They are similar.

    No, insurance companies should not pay benefits differently between evidence-based medicine and traditional medicine, because evidence-based medicine is a common form of medicine. It is accepted by the scientific community. We should be able to seek whatever medical treatment that we want, because if we have ownership it is more likely to work.

  • No They Shouldn't

    Insurance companies should cover all benefits equally so as not to harm the patient in the course of treatment. Insurance companies are not doctors and doctors should be allowed to treat patients without concern for how the insurance company will cover the charges. The health industry needs to be more interested in treating patients, not receiving a check.

  • Benefits are Benefits

    Insurance benefits should be paid by health insurance companies so long as the patient gets the care that is needed. It shouldn't matter whether the method was evidence-based medicine, traditional medicine or alternative medicine. Forward-thinking health insurance companies should be smart and all-inclusive since there is more money that can be made with more types of insurance coverage.

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