Should Intelligent Design Be Taught as Science in Public Schools?

  • Yes Intelligent Design should be taught in Science at Public Schools.

    Just as science teaches several different types of theories, for example evolution. So should public schools teach the theory of Intelligent design. For example, when looking at a building in LA its almost factual that someone or something must have designed the building and built it. Well this same theory should be taught in schools in regards of intelligent design. Anyways, if people are so worried about the theory of Intelligent Design being taught because its not factual, those same people should also be worried about kids learning about evolution because both are theories. In fact the theory of intelligent design makes more logical sense, due to the fact that when looking at a building, plane, or watch, the student can already comprehend and imagine the process of it being designed and created. However evolution, is merely by theories and no physical evidence of anyone seeing a fish turn into a monkey. Don't get the idea of adaptation and evolution confused, both are completely different.

  • Yes yes yes

    READ THE BIBLE!!!! ITS THE HISTORY OF EVERYTHING!!! How could we have come from monkeys or any thing else. The people who said no are monkeys. Why can't you just accept the truth. INTELLIGENT DISIGN ITS THE TRUTH!!! That is totally and utterly everything I have to say so bye

  • No, intelligent design is anything but science.

    Too many public schools already teach intelligent design, which is a good enough reason to take children out of schools. Children should be taught facts and science in schools, and intelligent design is neither of these things. Kids can learn about that at home or in Sunday School, not in public school.

  • Intelligent Design should not be taught as science

    The teaching of Intelligent Design should not be taught as science in public schools. Intelligent Design is a new label on Creationism which is a religious belief, not a science. No other religious beliefs are allowed to be taught in schools, and this one should not be allowed to be taught, either. It should especially not be taught as science.

  • Intelligent design is not science.

    Intelligent design is not science because there is not enough evidence to support it. By claiming that you can just look at something and be able to reason that it is designed because of its complexity does not qualify as a scientific experiment. It is not a theory, because theories must be supported by experiments and accurate predictions of results.

    Also, even if scientists disprove evolution in the future, the unsupported hypothesis of intelligent design does not become any more scientifically acceptable. So please stop trying to debunk evolution in an attempt to support intelligent design.

  • By definition it is not science

    Science has 3 main rules:
    1- it must be testable. You cannot test or measure God because we are not sure he exists and have no way of testing something that is based purely on faith.
    2- it must be based on natural laws. You cannot explain "God" with natural laws because the idea of a magic, immortal being is, as defined by natural laws, impossible.
    3- it must be subject to change. If we found definite evidence proving some or all of I'D wrong, would it's proponents change it to fit this new evidence? No, because to them their beliefs and God are the final authority on the matter.
    Based on these rules, intelligent design cannot in any way be considered science.

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