Should intent of candidates be established before each political debate?

  • Must we explicitly know ones intentions

    Even though debates inform you about how a candidate perceives the world and leans, Its not explicitly stated as to how they want the society to be for others and for themselves.

    Many of the answers that are given by candidates are vague and ambiguous and no clear line is drawn in the sand. Every candidate is guilty of this.

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  • Yes it should be

    How should the electors know what to expect if they don't even establish what their goals are. Just saying they hate Trump and will do better things than him don't help.
    Come with a plan and show to the people who vote for you.

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  • Orange man bad

    Thats what a debate is, Though We can't call it a debate if you want to change that, Just get educated by researching on your own instead of just eating what the comedy man and CNN man said. Orange man bad!
    Seriously, Its ridiculous,


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