Should intentionally lying about rape be met with consequences

  • YES, Without question.

    Rape is the act of forcing someone to preform or be acted upon in a sexual manner. Forcing meaning to do without consent.

    All the sexual allegations like those in the media. I believe that a large portion of them are not assaults at all. But rather regret for having been sexual interactions with person whom is being accused.

    When it comes to someone accusing someone of rape or other forms of sexual crimes AND it proves to be wrong then I feel that the person should serve crimes which puts them in jail for at least 5 years, Minimum.

  • Lying about an important issue not only destroys other people’s lives, But your reputation too.

    Even though I’m just giving an example right now, Nowadays, Some women use their gender card to lie about men they don’t like. Since it’s usually the man that harassed a woman, Police would believe it (since the police can be rotten for both sides) and put the person into jail because you can’t completely prove that you didn’t do it. That person’s life would be a nightmare forever. But if someone somehow manages to reveal the truth, Which is something that can happen, Some people will think that all women lie like that and stop taking assault seriously. I’m afraid that this might happen in the future because liars need to be stopped. How? They need to learn that their actions have consequences!

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