• All children deserve a home

    Yes, I agree that international adoption should be legal. Every child, to include international children, should have the opportunity to have a forever home. If a couple or person decides to adopt a child or children from another country then they should be able to do so. It should be no limitations to them being taken care of.

  • legal international legal

    I personally agree,Each year our office learns of cases in which lawful permanent residents (LPRs) of the United States have legally adopted a child in another country and then found out that the child cannot join them in the United States. The parents and child face only anguish and heartbreak. Generally the best solution for lawful permanent residents wishing to adopt children who are not U.S. citizens is to first naturalize as U.S. citizens.

  • Yes, international adoptions should be legal.

    Adoptions should be allowed internationally. If a good home can be found for a child anywhere, whether down the block or across the world, it's better than being in the foster care system. People who seek to adopt are good people with loving hearts and homes. They want a child, and it shouldn't matter where that child came from. Obviously there should be regulation to prevent mass fraud and ripping off birth parents, but on the whole, international adoption should be legal.

  • Yes they should

    Yes, I do think that it is a good thing that people from another country can adopt a baby from that country. This is good since a lot of places are poor countries, and a person from a more wealthy country can adopt them and make them a good home.

  • We can show goodwill.

    Yes, international adoptions should be legal, because it is a good opportunity for a caring person or family to give people a better life. International adoptions also foster good relationships between the people of different countries, which can lead to resisting wars with those countries as the children grow up.

  • Think about it

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