Should international relief workers provide health care to injured terrorists?

  • Doctors help people, period.

    It's not a doctor's job to determine who is "worth" saving and who isn't. Doctors have no special knowledge that an injured person is a "terrorist" or not, therefore, they need to help everybody to the best of their abilities. Not everything is political, and letting people die just because some government list has them as an undesirable is morally wrong.

  • Yes, international relief workers should provide health care to injured terrorists.

    Yes, international relief workers should provide health care to injured terrorists because we could gain a lot of good information from terrorists if they survive. By keeping them alive, we will be able to learn more about their organization. Plus, it is the only humane thing to do. We cannot stoop to their level.

  • Yes, relief workers should be unbiased.

    International relief workers should be unbiased persons who can give aide to anyone in the world that needs it. The country in which the aid is needed is and should be free to do anything they want with the person in question, but the relief workers shouldn't have to dance around political red tape to help people.

  • Yes, they should.

    The job of a healthcare worker is to treat the injured and the sick, not to treat whoever they decide deserves that kind of treatment. There is a shady slope when heathcare officials start to pass judgement on the people that they treat and only treat the people they deam worthy.

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