Should internationial action be taken towards India for testing their long-range ballistic missile?

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  • India should be allowed to defend themselves

    It is not necessarily a good thing for India to expand their weapons stockpile to include long range ballistic missiles. Nevertheless, it is the height of hypocrisy for the International Community to crack down on India's possession of long rage missile capability when so many other countries already have those weapons.

  • India is a legitimate nuclear nation.

    International action against India would not be appropriate given that other legitimate nuclear nations have tested similar missiles and have not been rebuked for doing so. However, it would perhaps be wise for other nations to put pressure on India to step down their current military strategy as it is clearly designed to provoke Pakistan. It would be a tragedy if Modi rolled back years of progress in Indian-Pakistani relations through unnecessary provocation.

  • No India should not have actions taken against it.

    Many countries, particularly the US and European countries have nuclear weapons and test them.It would be very hypocritical for such nations to say that India should not be testing their nuclear weapons or developing them, when they themselves have them. It would be seen more as a way to limit India's progression than for world security.

  • No, i don`t think so.

    Both the nation seem to be learning wrong lessons from previous wars. Fighting each other through wars and proxies has not and will not resolve the issues, it is not an option. Think and act alternate. Every country has the right to defend itself from a first strike. India a pledged no first strike.

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