• Hear me out

    I know i sound like some kind of boomer but Jesus christ why does jake paul even have subs his audience are f***ing fetuses and legally can't even make an account because they are probably younger than 8 they can be online on roblox but not club penguin club penguin is great

  • The Internet is a dangerous place

    The internet is dangerous and minors shouldn't be allowed on it, With or without parental supervision, No exceptions.

    Most websites require you to be over 18 to access or use their services, And US law prohibits minors from legally entering into a website's terms and conditions. Minors do not and should not have first amendment rights.

  • The internet is not a dangerous monster

    The internet has made more people more creative thanks to the nature of its ammount of information. Currently you could look up anything on the internet and you can get an answer immediately. Of course that has its drawbacks like being lazier or trying to copy your homework from the web. But I think that is a way to learn aswell. A lot of people from my schools would look up information regarding a certain topic and using it either in their work or just as inspiration to support their work or argument. Nowadays wherever you have questions, You can just search them up. I do think however that the troubling parts of the internet come from lack of care to the children. If you do spend your whole life on there then of course you might meet a few shady people. Blaming the internet for people being shady or dangerous is not something the internet can control. Parents should not have the internet grow their children, But it doesn't do a bad job at teaching them a trick or two. As long as parents have a connection with the child and they can talk about anything, The chances of them doing something wrong on the internet will be smaller.

  • There are plenty of benefits for minors in the internet

    We can only make the internet a dangerous place if we don't teach minors how to use it in a safe and practiced way. The internet has provided them with many tools and utilities such as messaging, Word documents, Slide show presentations, An educational remind system, Quick entertainment and most importantly, Knowledge. Preventing minors from accessing the internet is like cutting away crucial connections to the world.

    While adults use these tools freely while preventing their children from using them is quite cruel. These minors will eventually grow up to be adults and use the internet for what might be their first time. How embarassing that would be! If they will need to use the internet in the future, I say let them use it earlier. Teach them about how to stay safe online and these children can go a long way.

    Plus, We have this revolutionary technology readily available to us at relatively low costs. There is no longer a big loss in investing money to the internet.

  • It's 2019, Not 1955

    Minors should be allowed access to the internet, The internet will help them in school assignments, Studying, And keeping up with life. Although it should be monitored.

    What minors should be doing online:

    - studying
    - social media
    - reading news
    - researching
    - browsing
    - chatting w/ other individuals

    What they should not be doing online

    - cyberbullying another individual
    - making online threats
    - drug dealing
    - blackmailing
    - watching pornography content
    - posting nude photos online
    - giving out any personal information (Amazon, Online job application is an exception)
    - doing anything illegal

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