Should internet censorship be left to the government?

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  • No the NSA is already spying on us! XD

    We are already being spied on! The government should not be able to control our internet use like our parents. It would be unfair. Besides REAL parents can do it just fine by themselves. If there's something that you think is inappropriate, don't click on it! The government cannot control the pervs out there! XD Some people just want to look at funky stuff. If you know what I mean.

  • Sponsorship is never unbiased.

    There is no one person or group that can impartially censor. The spread of truth is our greatest asset in Humanity, and should never be censored by anyone other than parents of children. If Pro could name at least one instance where censorship benefited humanity, I'd love to hear it.

  • No. This is unwise.

    The founding fathers established freedom of the press for the explicit purpose to be able to criticize government. This right extends to all media inventions since and to come. The internet is the most democratic institution in the world and we are fortune it is. Look at China were the government cracks down on damaging information or criticism of its stewardship. If you allow government censorship you may never get it back and the internet will be an approved speech not free speech medium.

  • Parents can filter the internet just fine.

    Instead of complaining about the state of the internet, have parents/caretakers put up a filters. National blocks are unnecessary, and only promote the easy ways to get around it, such as Tor. If a small group such as parents focus the block based on what they need blocked from their kids and make sure workarounds are unavailable, it should work out just fine.

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