• Yes, to an extent, limitations should be imposed upon access to information on the internet.

    Although it may seem restrictions upon our access to information is totalitarian method of censorship it could also be a benefit to modern society. The modern issue is that all info is available including potentially harmful information such as how to craft an IED or properly approach and perform malicious acts such as a school shooting. If regulations are put in place threats to modern society may be able to be prevented. Yes, such power given to the government may be manipulated to censor nations from non-threatening information but in a democracy the people have the power to oust such leaders and possibly prevent such actions.

  • Just like yelling Fire in a room is a limitation in the real world. The internet should something like that.

    Information is powerful these days, you can built a person from just their online activities alone. So the access to information without consent and regulation is dangerous, Most people on the other side only argue against the government in a negative light while forgetting the government is meant to protect us, even at time from ourselves. Companies are sometime much more powerful than the government. They often pick off our government personal to serve their own purpose. Access to such information should be regulated and limited by law.

  • Yes, we should be limited in what we can access online.

    The Internet is too much of a free-for-all at the moment, and people are able to access things that they maybe shouldn't (legally or ethically). One of the things we can all probably agree on in this regard is in relation to privacy. You can type in someone's name and find out where they live. Google's image recognition will take what you feel is an untrackable photo of you and then show people your blog, or whatever site you also have it posted on. It's too easy to find information out about people, and there is open access to morally wrong materials, as well. The Internet needs to have rules and guidelines about what is acceptable.

  • No Information Limitations on Internet

    There cannot be access limitations upon Internet information. Only fascist and communist nations impart such restrictions upon their Internet using population. The United States cannot join in such games because it flies in the face of what this country is founded upon. Therefore, access limitations are a terrible idea by far.

  • No, it should be the choice of the provider.

    No, internet information should not have access limitations, beyond those of the provider of the content. The government has no legitimate interest in censoring the internet. Governments only do so as a way to control public opinion, or to prevent citizens from communicating with each other and those in other countries. This is not at all what the founding fathers intended.

  • The Internet Should Be Opened

    The Internet was introduced as a platform that anyone could post stuff to and anyone could access it as well. I do not believe Internet information should have limitations imposed on it. I think the Internet should be open for people to use as they see fit. I do not believe we should attempt to govern it.

  • Internet should be free, except in certain scenarios.

    I believe that the internet should have no access limitations as long as it does not infringe upon a persons right to privacy and their pursuit to happiness. For example: I think the internet should not be able to access certain private parts of my history unless I put it on the internet myself.

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