Should Internet piracy be fought by authorities?

Asked by: pspworld
  • Yes it should

    I believe internet piracy should be fought to a lesser extent. If internet piracy gets more dominant, the video game industry will suffer greatly, and no one will release games for pc anymore. Already, the dvd industry has died and people no longer buy dvds. Movies now only earn income when in the cinema. The fine for internet piracy should be only $100 dollars! Not millions.

  • Yes, but not under the current system.

    As things are now, copyright laws are not enforced by the government , but by private corporations. This has lead to indiscriminate lawsuits by the RIAA (among others) for exorbitant amounts of money. Many common practices border on extortion. They are right to protect their copyrights, but their methods are wrong. The penalties are simply too high. If penalties were lowered to reasonable levels and the government prosecuted copyright infringements through a public court of law, then I believe we would have a truly just system.

  • Piracy favours quality work.

    It helps to make informed decision before purchasing something. Demo versions are not always a faithful illustration of what the finished product is. A single song is not a good sample of what the whole album sounds like. A trailer does not always do a good work showing what the movie is about. A demo could fail to transmit the plot of the game. And in the pc case, you need to know if the software you want will work on your computer beforehand, as you can't return open products.
    Piracy solves all that, by letting you try the whole thing and allowing to make informed decisions.
    The war against piracy is just a bunch of lazy developers/ artists wanting people to blindly buy whatever they are selling.

    Posted by: Rafe
  • Way too much hastle, besides, if people want money, they need to EARN it.

    Piracy puts pressure on developers of different kinds. You need to really get the attention of the crowd and your fans, they need to WANT to support you, not just cause they HAVE to. This will force developers into not being lazy and greedy and will give us an increase in quality of our wares.

  • No it shouldn't

    No matter how many sites they block people yet continue to download music,movies,games etc.
    Several industries say that they're losing business because of Internet Piracy, the reason it's free and the fact that it is free attracts people. It is like the only option to have a glimpse of a movie or series.
    People got to know more about the media through Internet Piracy. Music artists and TV shows has gained way more fame because of this. Now there might be fans waiting for their favorite movie sequel to be released but can't see it because it can't be released for some reason or the CD cannot be shipped to their location. What do they do then? The only choice left is Internet Piracy.
    So in my opinion Internet Piracy has its own advantages but however there should be some restrictions.

  • It's a waste of money

    You can't stop internet priacy,,,, people won't stop it forever.. They know it is unethical, but they never really stop doing it. Authorities have no power to stop internet priacy. Even if they punish people for internet priacy, it will just not work anyway.... People don't matter about the producer's effort, they just matter with their joy! It's useless and dumb to fight internet priacy anyway..!!

  • No there can be some good

    Internet piracy may not be all that bad as one seem to think especially our Government and private industries like RIAA. For instance let's say you wanted to download you wanted to by an album but you not sure how all the other songs may sound like. Spending $ 24.99 for a CD and liking one song or none is bad. If you can download it and try it out and like the album, then you can make a decision to buy it or not. Same with software, although some software has a trial but its limited what it can do unless you pay for it.

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