• Yes, interns should be paid minimum wage.

    Interns deserve to be paid at least some money. They're not only going there to learn but they end up doing most of the other people's jobs anyway so why not at least pay them while there at it. They should not be required to work for free when it should be a learning experience.

  • Yes, interns should be paid minumum wage.

    Interns should be paid minimum wage. Most people that are looking to go into a field typically intern for several months to get some experience and to see if they like the field. Most companies use interns to work for free so they can save money. In many cases, the interns are drastically overworked and end up not learning much from their experience because they are too busy doing small tasks that no one wants to do.

  • I think interns should be paid at least minimum wage.

    In my opinion interns should be paid at least minimum wage. While they are learning many aspects of a particular job and company culture they should not be paid any less than a minimum wage. In some cases it should be more depending on the employer and type of industry.

  • Yes, no one should be expected to work for free.

    Yes, interns deserve to be paid at least minimum wage because it is shameful to expect someone to work so hard in exchange for a learning experience. More often than not, people in internships dedicate a large portion of their time to working for free and in whatever time they have left, must work a second job in order to make ends meet. Being that internships are very similar to apprenticeships, it ensures only the privileged that can afford not to be paid get their foot in the door of that specific industry's world.

  • It depends on the internship

    Yes, interns in paying internships should be paid at least minimum wage. Note that some internships are clearly non-paying, and others pay well above minimum wage, so it really depends on the situation and the type of internship. As long as it's a paid internship though, the interns should at least receive minimum wage.

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