• Race is insignificant

    If the family adopting is a good one and can provide a safe and happy home for the child being adopted, then race does not matter. I know several Caucasian adults that have adopted Chinese children and take care of them dutifully and love them as they would a biological child.

  • Isn't it already?

    I know from my daily hobby (political snark) that actor Nick Searcy has an adopted son who is black. Irregardless, I can't see any reason why it shouldn't be legal. As long as the requirements and background checks (or whatever research is done into the person seeking to adopt) jive, there should be no problem.

  • Yes It Should!

    I'm adopted and my whole family is white. Our skin color doesn't mean squat. Adoption is about wanting a child to love and care for. It doesn't matter what color the adopting family is or what color the child they are adopting is. All that matters is love. That is what important

  • Absolutely. Yes, should be.

    Let's face it there's lot of kids who are on the street homeless abandoned by their father or mother, of all races. And love should be regardless of race. I'm Hispanic, and if I saw a white kid abandoned, I'd consider adopting him/her and bring them into my family and make them one of my own.

  • So we get rid of Colored only drinking fountains and Whites only lunch counters, but we want Colored only kids and Whites only parents?!

    Racism, regardless of the intent, is based on the application of the red herring fallacy. The phenotypes and genotypes that drive the categorization of race have nothing to do intrinsically with who we become as people, who we love, who can love us, and who can prepare us for life.

    Consider, Obama has an African father and a White mother. He has no ancestors who came to this country on a slave ship. (Technically he is the 44th White President in a row, even though he does not look like it.) His White mom raised him. They would have had the same problems a White adoptive mom would have with a Black adopted son. Most of them are the same problems all mothers and sons have. Should it have been illegal for her to have custody based on skin color? Of course not. She loved him and raised him.

    As much to the point, a lot of Black Africans (in Africa) are prejudiced against African-Americans to the point of hatred. That would have meant Obama's dad could not have raised him in Africa because of the culture/race differences. Barry would have been an orphan.

    What about inter-gene pool marriages that result in offspring and then divorce. Should child custody go automatically to the parent the child resembles most? Of course not. The courts know that is irrelevant to child welfare needs.

    Prohibition on interracial adoption cheats kids and prospective parents of people would love them and care for them. The only thing more foolish than independent racism is racism codified by the state and supported by its citizens. All too often, bad logic leads to unkindness.

  • Of freaking course

    You shouldn't shield a child from the world? Why should you be told that you can't adopt this beautiful baby because your skin colors don't match? That's absurd. A child needs a parent and as long as thy are going to do a good job raising that child into a full grown, mature, and worldly adult, what does it matter if a black or white person raised the opposite race?

  • It already is.

    I have two brothers adopted from South Korea, and they've grown up their whole lives fine despite it. If you are adopted into a family that cares for you completely and entirely, it doesn't matter your race. If the family is truly suitable for adoption, interracial adoption is absolutely fine.

  • We think for the world, but not for the children in it.

    Surely, this is a very controversial topic in my opinion, and my own stance is torn between both sides, but in the end I'd rather more or less go for -- no it shouldn't be legalized. If you think about nowadays, the many cases of bullying -- imagine how a western child gets made fun of only because his parents are from middle east. The psychology of a child is so fragile it crackles every second, and their growing up is harsher and many sooner or later go insane. Little things like these, can cause big things like that.

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