• Harms outweigh benefits.

    Most of the benefits could be gained just as well, or even better, from intramural sports. Healthy competition would be more so. The problem is that interscholastic sports are extremely expensive, would cause more injuries than intramural sports due to excessive competitiveness, and take up too much of students' time. Intramural sports offer many of the same benefits without the majority of the harms.

  • It physically gives you a healthier body.

    It lets you exercise more and build yourself a healthier body so that you can live a more fresh and easy life. Interscholastic sports competitiveness is a great factor too. Without competition you"ll probably just stand over in the back or move slower than usual. But, in this you push yourself thinking you have to win.

  • It is a great way for kids to interact.

    It allows kids to make new friends. Even if they are on different teams they practice good-sportsmanship. They gain the trust of their team and sometimes all a kid needs is motivation. All in all it lets them interact with their friend and keep a level head and stay calm. This is all a kid like me needs every once in a while

  • Interscholastic sports promote healthy competition and the value of teamwork.

    Interscholastic sports are beneficial to students. They teach, firsthand, the benefit of healthy competition and the value of effective teamwork. These values are often not addressed in straight academic environments but are very valuable life lessons as once students enter the work environment, they need to understand the benefits of healthy competition and being able to be part of a team.

  • Sports are an important part of development

    I understand the need for safety in school sports. However, it's a time honored tradition that results in few injuries compared to the number of kids playing. Sports teach important strategy, team, and social skills that carry on into other parts of life. Also, if we stop them, where will the higher leagues recruit from?

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