• Yes, But not professional.

    Have exhibition intergender sports for fun. For example, Put a male boxer in a ring against two or three female boxers, It's bound to be hilarious. They are kept as exhibition bouts, No consummate records or medals should be allocated to freak fights.

    Also, Openweight sports should be more common as well. Put a Heavyweight MMA fighter up against a Flyweight MMA fighter and see what happens, Or put like three or four Flyweights up against a Heavyweight so they have a chance of doing something. I don't really care if it's competitive or not, It just makes things entertaining. I also want to see an armless person try to beat someone with both arms, Probably doable with some BJJ experience.

  • We are different.

    Men and women are equal but we are not the same. We have significant physical differences and there is no shame in admitting this. Men have more upper and lower body strength on average which would make women disadvantaged. Instead of promoting intersex sports, We should focus on promotion of female sports. There should be a women's NBA, NFL, Ect. High schools in America do this already. Why can't we do the same on a higher professional level?

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