Should intersexuals be included within the Americans with Disabilities Act as persons with a recognized disability?

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  • Intersexuality is an internal conflict that should not be considered a disability.

    Suffering from intersexuality is not something that impacts daily performance in any sector of life other than sexuality. Thinking you should be another sex is not grounds for a disability rating. This may cause general confusion within one's personal sexual life, but that is not the concern of the rest of society. Homosexuality and cross dressing that may be tied with intersexuality is what truly makes the affliction difficult to market to the rest of the populace. Those are larger issues that should be addressed on the social level, and any thought of disability is then removed from the conversation. Also, sex change operations are not a matter for public expense.

  • Intersexuals can be helped with surgery.

    Intersexuals should not be included within the Americans with Disabilities Act as persons with a recognized disability. This is because their status can be changed. They can get an operation to make either their more male or female attributes the dominant ones. People with actual disabilities cannot be remedied out of them with surgeries.

  • No, it is not a disability.

    Disability is something that hinders day to day life such as being wheel chair bound. there are a lot of things on the list and a lot more that should be on the list, but being intersexual should not be one of them. There is no real disability and often times, it is easily corrected with surgery.

  • Not unless the condition in question is actually disabling

    If the specific condition they have is actually disabling then they should be considered disabled. Otherwise, no. Having ambiguous genitalia does not prevent a person from doing a job. Most jobs require clothes, so no one at work is going to know and discriminate anyways. Although if they were discriminated against they could argue it is sex discrimination.

    Many people point out that it can be corrected with surgery. However, even if it couldn't since it doesn't effect the ability to work or to get around or do anything really then it's not a disability.

  • No, intersexuals don't necessarily have to be classified in the Americans with Disabilities Act

    If intersexuals are in a condition that require them to be taken care of in a greater capacity than what is considered a standard of living, then they should be included in the Americans with Disabilities Act. However, there are many intersexuals that can meet a standard of living without any additional benefits from the government so they should not be included in the ADA.

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