Should intervention in foreign disputes be approved by the US Congress?

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  • No, America needs to focus on its own problems.

    Although foreign disputes can be heartbreaking, unless they involve the United States, Congress needs to focus on the country's own problems, at least for a few years. The American economy, energy crisis, crippled school system, homelessness epidemic, and so many other issues really need to be solved before the country is fit to help anyone else.

  • Congress has waived its right to have a say

    The way in recent years congress has blocked every single thing that's come out of the president's mouth for no reason other than them not liking him is more than enough to say they should not have a vote in foreign intervention. If they want people to take them seriously, then congress should start acting like adults and not a bunch of whiny children that don't like the person at the head of the class. Do your job and you'll get more responsibilities.

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