• Yes, the stock market is a bubble that has already begun to burst

    After reaching all-time highs, it is clear that global stock markets have begun their inevitable fall.

    Massive uncertainty over Russia, the Middle East and China is partly to blame. However, the main cause is almost certainly the vast amount of 'money printing' by global central banks. This has until now helped prop-up stock markets. Yet It appears the more money is created and injected into the system, the less effective this mechanism seems to be.

    In my opinion, don't risk your money on the stock market at this fragile time.

  • Current Stock Market Worries Investors

    Political instability, war conflicts, Hong Kong tensions, Ebola fear, terrorism are just a small bunch of the hot issues bothering the investors and the market. We see more and more distant and irrelevant small and insignificant accidents to resonate in every sector of the stock market. There is no safe place: bonds, index based instruments, options, shares of the S&P 500 companies, everyone is vulnerable.

  • No investors should not be "afraid" of the current stock market.

    The current bull market offers some excellent investment opportunities‎ for investors who have a long-term outlook. For example Apple Inc. (AAPL) is selling at 12.5 time its current earnings, while over the past 10 years it's average value has been 17.5 time current earnings. For an investor with a 5-year + outlook on their investments this is free money.

  • Investing in the stock market has always been a risk proposition.

    It's risk that generates a return, by divesting your financial portfolio from the current stock market you could be at risk of losing potential gains. A good financial portfolio will consist of a combination of higher risk investments, as well as cash-savings investments. There is always risk when investing your money in an outside entity, working with a financial advisor will an investor find the right mix of account types to invest their funds.

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