• Be very afraid!

    The world economy is in a very fragile situation at the moment. The larger world economies such as the US, Japan and the E.U are struggling to finance their balooning deficits and their central banks are actively participating in keeping their equity markets from crashing. Such a large price swing could have a trigger effect in bringing down equity markets.

  • Use Lower Oil Price To Buy

    Price fluctuations are normal in markets and provide opportunities to finding bargains. While oil prices have seen a rapid decline, this also creates opportunities for investment. In addition to the ups and downs of commodity and other prices, there is no currently available alternative energy source to meet the demand from developed and developing countries. This bodes well for the near term future of oil. Those who buy low will be glad they did and be able to sell high later. The main question is whether the oil price decline is at or near bottom. Caution is advised.

  • A boom for us all

    No, investors should not be worried about the falling price of oil, because when the price of oil falls everything else gets so much cheaper. Food is brought to the stores in large trucks. When the price of transporting the food falls, food gets cheaper for the consumer. We all benefit from lower fuel prices.

  • No to worry on the falling price of oil.

    Investors should not be worried about the falling price of oil. WIth the falling price of oil will come the increase investment in other markets as a result. The falling price of oil will lead to boom in what were once dormant markets as a result of past oil highs.

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