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  • No, investors should not help bail out Radio Shack

    No, investors should not help bail out Radio Shack because the company is past its use. It is my opinion that anyone who would invest their money in Radio Shack would ultimately lose their money because the average consumer can go online to buy electronics. There are now better places to buy electronics from at lower prices than when Radio Shack was first founded.

  • Not worth it

    It might seem brutal to say that any company should be allowed to go under, but the simple truth is that if a company needs a bailout now, they'll probably need it again. Better to cut their losses now and let the company sink or swim than dive in to rescue them only to have the same problem occur in a few years.

  • No, Investors should not help bail out RadioShack

    Investors should not help bail out RadioShack. Radioshack has been around for quite some time, and should have learned on their own how to adjust to a growing market. There are many other technology companies that have adapted to technology changes and stayed very current. Just because RadioShack was unable to keep their clients over time does not mean that investors should have to bail out a company that will simply continue to flounder.

  • Overpriced Store Goes Out of Business

    Radio Shack's merchandise is overpriced. Much of what they sell can be bought from other retailers at a much more affordable price. In today's economy, there is little need for specialized stores as many stores are able to provide a wide variety of products. Therefore the final cost to the consumer is lower.

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