• Better then books

    IPod's cost less and warranty's can be placed on them so if they are lost no one will have to pay for them. Teachers can put restrictions on the I pads so kids can only buy certain things and restrict web use so these are strictly school appropriate iPod's are a much better option then heavy textbooks.

  • iPads should be used in school.

    iPads should be used in school. They are an easy way to get textbooks on a screen so that they are really portable and easy to take home and study from. It is also easy to look stuff up on an iPad, aiding in research projects and other academic reports.

  • I speak from experience

    First of all for clarification, when I say "computer" I mean any type of computer device, like a desktop, laptop, or iPad, etc.
Our school system where I used to live started with iPads for students, but after one trial year, many problems arose (I'm not quite sure what these were) which caused them to discontinue it. The next year, they implemented a plan where every student got Mac Book Airs. However, even so there are still MANY problems with the whole computer/screen thing. Once you give computers, they are used for a lot more than just reading, or it would just be a waste, and there are too many problems that will come from it.

1. I'm sure that high school students and college students would be a little bit better, but originally it started in middle schools - that kids were constantly loosing their laptops, and sometimes they were never found, costing money. Many kids were simply not responsible enough. Damaging a textbook is much better cost-wise than damaging a computer, which is almost just as easily broken.

2. With the taking notes situation:
Yes, some kids find it much easier to type instead of writing, and for some kids it is easier to organize, but there are many reasons which say that writing is much better
a. You remember the information much better when you physically write it down, according to scientific studies. Please read this article for an example: (http://www.Boston.Com/health/2014/06/05/take-note-this-handwritten-notes-are-more-effective-than-typed-ones/Ypp4ahKuX2Zd0OtUqBw79H/story.Html)
b. Handwriting is a skill every student should have anyway. Although the computer can write neatly for you, for many tasks you must still use it. Forget your laptop/iPad one day? Your handwriting should be legible. Somewhere else, other than school, someone says something important, and you want to write a note to yourself, you have to be able to read it. Or if you want to write a note to someone else, they have to be able to read it. Also the fine motor control gained from handwriting is often necessary in everyday tasks. Just like you do pushups to strengthen your arm muscles, handwriting strengthens and improves accuracy of the fine motor skills in your hands.
C. Our teacher actually has one person each class that takes class notes on a computer for those who are sick. - not everyone has to have a computer.
D. People need to be able to organize without the computer doing it for you. ORGANIZATION = SKILL that we cannot learn by pressing a couple keys on the computer. Yes, it is neater and you can bold things, but actively highlighting and underlining not only improves your abilities to pick out important information but helps you to remember what you picked out to be important. Emphasized points will be emphasized in your mind, not only saving time when you study for tests, but allowing you to learn those points for an extended period of time, -studies have shown. Continue to comments for the rest...

  • Ipads are expensive

    No matter what ipads are more expensive than books or paper. Students would most likely lose them or break them. Then it would need replaced. Smarter kids would override the security blocks and play games. No matter what it will be expensive and distracting. Another reason is some people do not like reading off screens.

  • They should teach old school way

    What if one day we didn't have computer's what are people going to do when electric goes out you can't even get gas for your car when my son was doing math one day the computers stopped I said what did u do his answer was nothing I guess they don't believe in pencils and paper any more. My goodness.

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