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  • They give a better hands-on lesson.

    You can easily customize the learning experience for each student with apps and books geared to any level. With Ipad, your classroom materials go way beyond the classroom. Discover 65,000 apps just for education, interactive books on every subject, speeches, virtual tours, and videos from expert and institutions around the world.

  • Kids are evill

    If kids get iPad's there going to play games and look at porn and are going to start a hell of a mess. I don't want to be the parent that has to go to the PTA things wear the teachers ask for more money. Well saying your kid is fat and stupid and grabs girls boobs it's an outrage. I conclude winy kids should not get fancy ass ipad's

  • No ipads i nschool.

    IPad shouldn't be used by the students in classrooms. Even though it has its own uses that can make it easier for students to learn, but its misuse weighs out the proper use of the iPads by students in the classroom. When students use iPad inside the classroom, they get distracted by other applications they have in their iPads. When an instructor is teaching in the class, the students should take notes of the lecture on their notebooks rather than using ebooks in their iPads. IPads distract them more from what they should be studying rather than helping them. Students use their iPads for social networking and other recreational activities, even if the student is not meaning to use the iPads for social networking in the classroom, he/she can get distracted by the notifications from the application he/she uses in his/her iPads, that pop up frequently and takes the attention of the student elsewhere. I believe that students find a way to use the iPads for their own purpose. It's a better option to take notes in the class and then copy them on the iPads, if the students want to, rather than bringing iPads in the class and getting distracted instead of getting what the instructor is teaching.

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