Should iPads, iPods, nooks and Kindles be rentable?

  • Yes, Ipods, Nooks and Kindles should be rentable.

    Personal electronic devices such as Ipods, Kindles and Nooks should be rent able if the company that sells them wants to rent them out. These devices can be beneficial to people on a temporary basis when traveling or on special trips. The company selling them would make money, and the person renting them would likely buy the device at a later day.

  • Tablets and Other Such Devices Should Not be Rentable

    No, iPads, iPods, Nooks, Kindles, and other such devices should not be rentable as each of these devices is designed to be personally tailored to one person. The logistical nightmare of restoring each of thse devices to factory presets after a rental period, along with the chance of personal information being given to the wrong person, is a nightmare.

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