• Iranian Nuclear Power

    If a notion wishes to have the power of nuclear energy then let them have it. I believe that every nation should at least have what other nations in the world has, which if the UN (USA) keeps denying them this, the Iranians will produce it themselves and if you have no proof they have bad intentions then don't waste the people's time saying lies about another nation that at one time we were not on speaking terms with.

  • Iran should have nuclear power

    Every country should have equal rights, And that includes the right to have a nuclear program. If the US can have a nuclear program and nuclear weapons, There's no reason why Iran shouldn't be able to have a peaceful program for improving its infrastructure and providing power for their country.

  • Iran is not equipped to handle nuclear power.

    If a country is not able to stabilize a central and or efficient government, how then would they be able to be responsible for keeping power and stability over a potentially hostile nuclear program. If they are able to show/prove control of this type of program, then they should be allowed to have it, but when and only when they DO prove it.

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