• Yes, pastor Saeed should be released.

    No man should be held captive for exercising his God given right. He is trying to lead children from a life of complete corruption. Patsor Saeed's human rights have been violated over and over again, just because of his religious beliefs. It is a slap across the face in the eyes of the U.S.A. Yes, release him

  • Yes, Iran has a responsibility to all nations.

    By holding Pastor Saeed prisoner, Iran violates not only the rights of a United States citizen, but a citizen of the world. Iran is a part of the United Nations and as a member should not violate human rights and subject them to torture, especially those that are innocents. His religious views may be different, but he does not deserve to die for that. No one does.

  • He was only using freedom of speech

    There is no crime in using freedom of speech, there is a crime and holding and torturing someone for it. He is a US citizen and did nothing more than preach his believes. Holding him is both an international crime and a crime against humanity and the freedom of all people.

  • Pastor Saeed should be released!

    Iran has kept American citizen Saeed Abedini prisoner for "corrupting the youth and leading them away from Islam." They have tortured him just because he is a Christian. He needs help and prayer. He is really in prison because he converted from Islam to Christianity when he was younger and then moved to America. He should be released in the name of human rights.

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