Should Iraq be divided into three countries to avoid further bloodshed?

  • If they want it

    Iraq was originally 3 provinces of the Ottoman Empire, only becoming a country after the Ottoman Empire was ended. Splitting the country into the 3 original provinces could possibly help inspire peace and end bloodshed.
    However, that's for the Iraqi people to decide. If they think it'll help, it should definately be done.

  • Yes, Iraq should be divided into three countries.

    Iraq was never a country in ancient times. The country was only created after the British carved up the Middle East following WWI. The officials that created Iraq had no idea that the Sunni, Shia and Kurds did not get along. The country has been in constant turmoil over the past decade with fighting between its ethnic groups. A better solution would be to divide the country along ethnic lines to avoid further bloodshed.

  • Dividing Iraq won't solve any problems

    It has been suggested that the country of Iraq should be further split into three smaller countries as a way to combat the violence that so often disrupts that region. I don't think that this is a helpful solution: dividing the country will only cause further ethnic conflict as the new borders become contested.

  • NO Division For Iraq

    The division of Iraq into three countries in order to avoid further bloodshed is an absurd idea. It does nothing to address and correct the current problems plaguing the country. Over twenty years of unchecked cruelty and the tyrannical rule of a despot lead to the current crisis facing the country now, as well as the development of terrorist groups such as Daesh, or ISIS, Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. Dividing an already unstable state will do nothing other than ensure its absolute collapse. Addressing the issues plaguing the country, rebuilding the military, electing leaders who do not follow the same beliefs as the former ruler, Saddam Hussein and other radical figures will help avoid further bloodshed. By education the populace and putting the needs of the people before the wants of the state is how to bring about peace.

  • Iraq should not be divided into three countries

    Iraq should not be divided into three countries to avoid further bloodshed. Who on earth thinks that simply splitting up a country that for, thousands of years, has been involved in religious and other complex? This is nothing more than a political narrative to reach a politically correct result. There is no chance this would work.

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