Should Iraq become a constitutional monarchy restoring the old Hashemite dynasty

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • It could help promote stability

    Having a constitutional monarch in Iraq could help promote stability and to inspire people. He could help discourage identification with extremism and ISIS. I am by no means suggesting Iraq become an autocratic monarchy but a constitutional monarchy like the United Kingdom of the Netherlands is. It might do Iraq good.

  • Recognition peace and unity

    The monrachy in Iraq will integrate all various cultures and religions. Create peace in the region unbiased. Join the GCC and enhance wealth and distribution. Better life for Iraqis. Improve the quality of life to all Iraqis. Monitor and distribute the wealth to all parts of Iraqi society. Brining the Iraqis from abroad and rebuild the country.

  • Yes for restoring the Iraqi Institional Monrachy

    To stop blood shed since the Bloody dark day , 14 July 1958, dam to communists, batheist and qumies who cheated the iraqi people and dived the whole country towards destruction since that black date. In addition almost 2.64 million people died since why? Criminals such as Abdul Karim Kasim, Abdul salam arif and baker who acted traitors and swore on oath to the king and killed the Innoncent king. These criminals cheated the people of Iraq for liberation and improving their situation. What improvements killing 2.75 million is an improvement. Many wars and military coups is this improvements.
    The republic system is failure and military and against the will of people
    The republic of a. Country in Iraq means fraud and theft plus killing.
    All iraqi went thru bad to worse.
    The monrachy is non bloody system and kind to people
    The monrachy built the country
    What built republic built and achieved most of the projects are continuity of Majless el Emmar
    Killing the Royal family in 1958 by means of a bloody coup is illegal against the people will not those who were cheated by the criminal officers who all died and killed.
    The Royal family will unite the Country and bring together all races, religions together
    The Royal Family and system is honest and not liars like all republic government Iraq come across.
    The monrachy will develop the country to the best and fights corruptions.
    God saves the king and welcome to iraqi monrachy

  • Stability kindness prosperity

    Resorting iraqi constitutional Kingdom is a hope of all technocrats, religious people and sectors of iraqi people. Enough revolutions, instability, killing and horror. Let's iraqi people live in peace share the wealth like the people in the gulf , and let's all develop Iraq to a level of the worlds landmark, and make iraq a place that all the world will wish to enter Iraq. Iraq for Iraqis only. This all happen under clean system lead by cons. Monrachy.

  • Absolutely terrible idea

    The oppositional stance obviously doesn't understand the underlying issues with Iraqi stability. Installing a monarch only serves to worsen the problem. In a state riffled with sectarian violence and opposing views, the monarch, whether Shia or Sunni, will just become a target and scape goat of hate and religious violence

  • No, seeing as Iraq has never been a unified country

    Save for the decades under the genocidal rule of Sadaam, Iraq has been a state torn asunder by its own citizens.

    The Kurds have no love for the Shiites and the Sunnis have no love for anyone else. There are other pockets of Islamic tribes and the region is too resource wealthy for the corrupt and monied international interest to allow the regional governments to promote discourse and cooperation.

    Iraq was set up to collapse, so the oil companies can parcel off their sectors for drilling, guarded by small private armies, in cooperation with whatever tribal, regional leader has the most sway.

    The oil companies will prop up these regional leaders and they will become de facto terror cells against their neighbors to the south. All financed by intentional oil dollars.

    The next 40 years will be a tale of exploitation in Iraq, followed by the inevitable collapse of Kurdistan in the north.

    It will be interesting to see if Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Turkey decide to take some land for themselves.

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