Should Iraq (yes) or Kuwait (no) be blamed for the Gulf War?

  • Iraq was to blame for the Gulf War.

    Saddam Hussein wanted the ultimate power and he was to blame for the Gulf War. The war was brought about by the United States against Iraq in response to Iraq's invasion of Kuwait. We, The Untited States was trying to expel Iraqi troops from Kuwait. This caused the liberation of Kuwait.

  • Iraq is wrong.

    I don't think anyone can really make the argument, at least not in a manner that can be deemed credible, that Kuwait is responsible for the Gulf War. Iraq was the country who invaded and decided that they wanted to pick a fight. The people of Kuwait are the victims.

  • Iraq "Is" to Blame for the Gulf War

    Although accusations were made by Iraq, that Kuwait was slant drilling and stealing oil from Iraq, it was Saddam Hussein who initiated the first act of war, and attacked Kuwait. It was the Iraqi choice to later occupy a sovereign nation, and therefore propel the conflict into the Gulf War. Without being instigated by Iraq, the war would not have escalated into a global affair; therefore total blame must be placed on Iraq.

  • Iraq invaded Kuwait.

    If Iraq had not invaded Kuwait, the war would have never started. The United Nations would have never authorized the war. The need for power over others is always the reasoning behind actions such as this and unfortunately we are still dealing with the effects of these actions today. Iraqis blame the United States because the United States was one of the nations to fight Iraq in defense of Kuwait. This of course, led up to the attacks on the Twin Towers. It's a never ending battle.

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