• It's a friendly rivalry.

    Yes, Ireland and France should have a re-match, because it gives the people in each country something to look forward to. Each country is very strong, and they have a friendly rivalry. No country can stay on top forever. Both countries have very enthusiastic fans, and they look forward to watching their teams play.

  • Yes: There Should Be A Rematch

    Clearly the rules were broken and were not adequately enforced, which sparked Irish politicians to get on board, calling for a rematch. This whole affair sheds light on the absurdity of societies debating sports calls while the planet burns, but if we are going to have a system of rules, then they should be followed. Let the rematch begin.

  • Final Result Stood

    A re-match between Ireland and France is pointless now as the 2010 FIFA World Cup is over. Did Ireland deserve that spot? Yes. But France completely tanked when it got to South Africa in what can only be termed a massive tanking of karmic retribution when Les Bleus were sent home after the group stage. I'd say the French got what was coming to them after the Irish game.

  • Not at all

    No, they do not need to have a re match for sure. It will cause a whole lot of problems for the world that we do not need. I think that they need to stay in a moment of peace and not just go try to start killing each other.

  • No re-match for them.

    Ireland and France should not have a re-match. A game's ending provides a score, and people should stick to those results. They should do this because it is part of the rules, not because they are happy with the decision or not. These two countries will doubtless play again on other terms.

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