• Ireland should become 51st state.

    The Irish have far more in common with most Americans than any other nationality. Most Irish are hard working and determined to suceed and have proved this time and time again throughout American history. There is a rock solid bond and allegiance and each have equal respect for each other.

  • Oh Hell Yeah

    While most Americans today are of German ancestry, it is the Irish Americans who have made the most significant contributions to American history.
    Half the US Presidents are of Irish ancestry, including Barack Obama
    With a state in Europe, Americans can live in Europe and go on holidays in European countries without it costing a fortune as they would just be on their door step.
    As for the European union, it almost turned its back on Greece, it almost turned its back on Hungary, it really doesn't want to help any countries in its union.

  • America should join Ireland

    Ireland should not be part of American rather America should join Ireland and help recreate a Celtic Empire that will conquer Northern Ireland and unify all the Celtic races, the Scots, the welsh and anyone in northern Spain or France who feels that they are Celtic to. First the Celts will defeat the Anglo-Saxons then they must abandon the Roman Catholic faith and restore The Irish Catholic church and infuse Celtic Druid faith elements in order to create an empire that extents from Alasaka to Turkey before marching on Rome.

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