• Ireland should rejoin the British family

    Irish and British are one people, one nation. We should reunite the two nations under one flag. Irish people are serving in the British army, Irish immigration in Britain, and Irish supporting the British sports teams. Britain bailed Ireland out in Ireland's financial crisis. Dear Irish people, say yes to unity and no to division. Are you united with British or divided against the British? United we stand, divided we fall.

  • A pipe dream - but "Yes" if the myths of the past can be ovecome

    A pipe dream - but "Yes" if the myths of the past can be overcome

    Go to any English town - look at telephone directory and be amazed at how many surnames are Irish.

    They're Anglicised - but they are Irish

    25% of the English are of recent Irish descent, but the real figure is higher - if you could disentangle it.

    For 800 years both countries were linked.

    And emigration went both ways during the centuries - how many Irish have English blood?

    The problems began with the protestant reformation - and neither Catholics nor Protestants could countenance tolerance for the other. Which led to discrimination, sectarianism and evolved into Irish Nationalism.

    But England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales are interlinked by race, by culture, by Law and history.

    When in a third foreign country - the English, Irish, Scots & Welsh congregate - because they more in common with each than any third foreigner.

  • One nation, One Peoples, One Goal

    Because really Ireland has gone down and down since it left the UK, in so many ways we could be hear for weeks pointing them out however despite this it can be reversed and if a good argement is made, then Ireland could rejoin in a way to benfits the UK and Ireland, with a better ecomany and resource it can star to climb back up the ladder to the great that it should be.

  • Absolute Yes !

    100% yes it's a no brainier! Being asked to join the 5th largest economy with the same culture, values great healthcare and world class universities and education system we should jump at the opportunity! The British military is one of the best in the world, great manufacturing sector etc.... And we could eventually get a tunnel or bridge built linking the the two islands of the British isles!

  • Def better option than EU

    Really good relations at present and the past should be left in the past. Our countries are closely linked and we should both use this to our benefit. It is only the trouble makers and the ignorant that wont acknowledge this link. It is a better option than the EU.

  • United as One.

    The Irish age of nationalism is over, They need to get over the past and move on the the future by rejoing the United Kingdom. The Irish need to be united as one people. A British people, That symbolizes unity. If we do Unite, We could become one of the most powerful nations in Europe.

  • Stronger for Europe

    I'm pro European and I think most people in Ireland are too. Europe is something that needs stronger support. The UK must get a new capital city Dublin to mark a new start. London has gotten too big for its political boots. It can remain the financial capital. It could also be the time to re-organise the power structures within the existing UK. All the home nations have un-equal power sharing arrangements, that has to change. People are happiest when there is greater equality.

  • Ireland would thrive as part of the Union. Currently we have the strongest growth in Europe.

    You must weigh up whether you would be better as part of the Union. Or as a member of the European Union. This has been the most successful Union on the planet. 308 years together through thick and thin. As has been mentioned already Nationalism is a 20th century. We in Scotland have wrestled with this problem for three years. At the end we had a referendum. It was close. We thankfully voted no. The Union endures.

  • Lots of stuff will be better

    More income, more land, more troops, more strength, more food, more united. They are really close to each other. British and irish are kinda alike in many ways. So they should get along with each other. There are better stuff if they are together as one. So iy has to be a yes

  • Nationalism is such a 20th century thing, union is the way of the 21st century

    The UK has made mistakes regarding Ireland before, we subjugated their people for hundreds of years and I believe that we could've arranged them leaving the UK peacefully without an independence war. That way maybe we could've been on better terms nowadays. Saying that its not a surprise that Irelands economy is having a hard time, a lot of Irish come here to work, so maybe a union with Ireland would help them return back home for work because we could help with their industrial infrastructure. We could extend British companies over to Ireland, rename the Great British Pound to the British-Irish Pound and once again have the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. Im sure the rest of the UK would benefit too, it would show Scottish nationalists that even the Irish a beyond stupid nationalism and would reaffirm the slogan 'BETTER TOGETHER'.

  • Restarting the Troubles on a larger scale

    If anyone thinks that Ireland rejoining the Uk would be a good thing, think of the violence that followed the Royal visit through Dublin, there were homemade bombs hitting the street. The Garda were almost overpowered by the Republican mobs and there were even protests before Elizabeth even got on the plane. Think of the massive violence that tore through N. Ireland during the Troubles and the bomb that struck the London store and another killing Margaret Thatcher's husband, causing her hatred of the IRA. If Ireland rejoined the UK, it would be ten times worse. And Troubles worthy violence would be spread throughout the entire island, possibly the entire British Isles.

  • Different cultures, religions and governments

    The british and the irish are very different:

    1. Obviously, they are not ethnically identical: The are not the same(although they are probably related). Their ethnic groups are different, so why join?

    2. The United Kingdom will fall: One way or another, Scotland and Wales will pack their bags and leave the union. The are different from the english. There's even evidence of the future fall. Scotland had an independence referendum, and although it did not succeed, it had a big minority almost reaching 50%.

    3. Two systems: The UK is a monarchy, whereas Ireland is a republic. The UK is conservative, whereas Ireland is probably liberal. Do you think that a modern republic will join a modern monarchy. Not a chance.

    4. Religion: The UK is protestant, whereas Ireland is catholic historically. Do you think that they would unite? Nope.

    5. No equal representation: Scotland and Wales don't have a peep of a voice on the Parliament, so why Ireland should join when they won't have a peep of a voice either?

    6. Different cultures: The irish and the british don't have the same cultures, so they might not get along in an union.

    So there's why Ireland and the UK must remain separated.

  • Propaganda is not kind of debate.

    If Irish and British are one people, we wouldn't call them as the British and the Irish. Supporting teams or immigrating to England are funny and weak arguements. Lot's of people support international teams as a product of globalization. You can re-watch the matches of ManU in China and see how many supporters they have in that country. This doesn't make Chine as a part of UK.
    Immıgrating a country cannot make the migration destination greater. Within the same perstective, there are millions of Syrians living in Turkey, or thousand of Hispanics in US. So, Syria should join Turkey as Mexico should join the US in the same way. But this doesn't make any sense.
    This is not a strong debate, I think. This is just a propaganda message for proposition's nationalistic aims.

  • Rejoin the UK? In Cameron's dreams!

    If Ireland rejoined the UK the ones who fought for Irish freedom would look down on us in shame, we would have to leave the EU and adopt the British pound. Our government will be made entirely of English. Our economy would drop massively. Also, there would likely be a second Easter rising if we rejoined

  • The idea of this is absolutely ludicrous

    Well, first of all, Ireland is a republic and the UK is a constitutional monarchy. Plus, the political system in the UK is capitalist, whereas in Ireland, their political system is liberal. Furthermore, Gaelic culture is at the beating heart of many Irish communities and the oppressive British tried to eradicate our culture, religion and language. In general, I don't think Ireland rejoining the union would benefit anyone. I also think that it would cause great insult to those who have family who fought for independence, as this would most probably ignite old tensions. More importantly, there is not a demand for Ireland to rejoin the union. Thus making this argument completely irrelevant.

  • Is there anybody in Great Britain left who is English

    Going by the amount of Irish surnames in Great Britain. Tge amount of Irish surnames in the telephone directory. The amount of people with Irish heritage in Great Britain it is a wonder that the name Great Britain hasn't changed to Ireland.

    No Ireland should not rejoin the UK. Maybe the UK should consider becoming Ireland.

  • Absolutely 100% NO

    We had suffered for hundreds of years under the oppressive government that is Britain. We fought long and hard for our liberation, and by forcing us to rejoin the U.K, that struggle would be in vain. Us irish are NOT and never have been British. It's time that England stops with its terrible imperialistic conquests. Over the course of history, the British have attempted to take our language, religion, and culture from us. However, we will NEVER let them take our hard earned freedom.

  • Independence is not a phase -- it's our future.

    I'd like to leave the turbulent history aside for this argument, as history is well -- History!!

    1. Parliament.
    Your basically asking us to dwarf our population by becoming a minority in a much larger country, a periphery region essentially. But it's okay, we'll still have a Parliament, right? We ALREADY have a Parliament (one with no Bishops or inherited Peerage). What good is surrendering autonomy just for a show of solidarity to the Wider World?

    2. Head of State.
    We very strongly oppose the concept of a Monarchy. The Queen can NOT be the Head of State if we re-join. Let them run for election as ordinary citizens and end the people zoo in Buckingham Palace. It's not about history, it's about equality. How can equality exist when birthright elevates someone above other citizens? It's unfair to other Britons no matter how much you spin it. Give the new generation of royals a normal childhood.

    3. Representation.
    The First-Past-The-Post system also doesn't work -- it fosters Left & Right wing divides. Our system of Proportional Representation is more democratic, more encouraging of Independents and Centre politics. We're happier with that.

    4. International Affairs.
    Our ability to conduct International Relations would be crippled. Westminster handling all diplomatic relations is a common proposal. With a vast Irish diaspora and regular trade missions abroad, I'm not sure why you assume we want to give up our voice and connections.

    5. Neutrality.
    Your also asking us to give up our policy of Neutrality. Most polls show support for Neutrality at a whooping 79% which people won't give up so easily. Are the UK populace willing to give up their foreign policy?

    6. Economy.
    From our low corporate taxation to our willingness to remain in the EU, our economic needs are different to yours. We're a less diversified economy than the UK and more of a Specialised one. The US is our main export market not the UK. Our EU connections are a big part of that, and we risk damaging that market for some romanticised Union.

    7. Nationalism.
    People here talk about putting the past behind us and moving forward, as if Independence is backwards or immature. The idea that the only way to build relations with the UK is by giving up Independence is 19th Century thinking. We can build relations together as equals as two Nations -- that's not divisive -- it's maturity.

    Independent Ireland is not a mere phase or experiment -- it's our future.

  • A ridicules idea

    At the time of partition in Ireland 90% of industry was within the borders of what's called Northern Ireland. Now the figure is the opposite. It was independence and the ability to work for ourselves that built ireland.

    The United Kingdom is a London centric country, Wales , Scotland and the north of England forgotten and the North of Ireland deliberately put out of mind. Union to this would be insanity for Irish people to choose. Even at its lowest in the current time Irish gdp is higher that britains.

    England as a region of the United Kingdom returns far to many right wing votes for Ireland to have a chance at gaining anything from this supposed Union. If the rates of corporation tax and all other variables were equalised London would suck business from Dublin like a Hoover and leave it looking like Cardiff.

    Anyone who is for this idea must therefore be a British nationalist or some kind of moronic Irish person. The idea that Ireland would join the United Kingdom is offensive and puerile.

    Ireland is a country made up of people, it's culture stems from its people. The United Kingdom is a country that stems from its empire and its culture is a shadow of that said empire. These two things are completely incompatible.

  • Suffered enough abuse, to many died for Ireland's freedom!

    As others have stated the politcal systems are diffrent so to faiths and culture!

    Ireland was once under the British hand and suffered enough abuse from them,

    Ireland wouldn't be given a voice under the UK

    many gave their lives for Ireland's freedom, if anything the last few counties should be given back and recon-pence paid to Ireland

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AmericaTheFatherland says2014-10-27T20:08:05.923
The Irish are excluded from GB's activities and festivals. We want to tell them the Irish are needed. They made the UK great and we want to tell them we appreciate it.