• ISIS MUST be stopped!

    We can not have a militant islamist regime, that even Al Qaeda split with because they considered them too extreme, we can not have such a regime in the world. They would sponsor terrorism and what if they were to get a hold of nuclear weapons?

    If we must we should see the region recolonized, or at least establish a dictatorship dedicated to the promotion of human rights, the reeducation of the population until they can handle having a democracy, and the suppression of extremism. Send those expressing opinions of hatred against other religions or sexual orientations or expressing any sexist or racist opinions to reeducation camps! Death penalty for any hate crime! Ban any symbols of islamic extremism or other extremism. Islam of course is OK, but extremism of any kind must be stopped. While allowing extremists free speech may work in the US this part of the world is in an extreme condition and needs major interventions.

  • ISIS will come for us next.

    In addition to massacring, murdering, and committing acts of genocide, ISIS has made open and direct threats to the United States of America. Their intention is not only to establish an Islamic State that is ruled under brutal, medieval Islamic law, but also to launch attacks here in the US and in the rest of the Western world.

    ISIS and its followers wish to conquer all of the world and force everyone to either convert to their twisted ideology or die. They most likely will not ever come close to accomplishing that, but they still have the potential to cause much death and destruction. We cannot tolerate such evil to ever occur.

    Many argue that intervening will only cause more problems and create more enemies. I disagree with such a notion. ISIS' rapid success has probably inspired many more radicals to join the jihadi movement than any US intervention ever has. There are many reports of former Al Qaeda affiliates and even Westerners joining ISIS due to their massive success. Sitting and doing nothing while ISIS continues to conquer and have success will only embolden more radicals to get involved with the jihadist movement.

    This is not some local Iraqi civil war that will not ever effect the US. ISIS is a real threat to the United States of America and to the rest of the Western world and it must be destroyed by whatever means necessary, even if it means sending soldiers back into battle. We cannot afford to let ISIS continue to conquer and kill so many while they increase in strength and inspire other radicals to join their organization. They must be stopped NOW!

  • Yeah they need to be stopped

    ISIS is a group of religious fanatics that think they can do whatever they want or harm whomever they want if they are not a part of their religion. ISIS needs to be stopped or who knows what will happen an all out war could take place if we don't stop them in time.

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  • Isis sucks dick!!!!1111

    Isis sucks I'm a proud southern hillbilly confederate and I say that Merica goes in there and kill em all! Isis can suck my dick!! I'm going to get in my pickup truck now and go to the local bar for some beer. One Two three four five six seven

  • ISIS should be stopped

    I also think they should be stopped cause imagine if they find a way to get into the United States then it will be our problem and who knows what they might do have you seen the paris attacks we don't want that to happen to us so we should stop ISIS once and for all

  • We must stop them nowwioth anything possilble.Every country relies on each other ,its our lives or theres

    Just for one moment think that they have sent a nuclear bomb on london.Flattening it radiation every where .Cameron would not be prime minister any more,the people have no where for no shelters ready .No fresh food stored or drinking water nothing planned isthisthe way to run any country.As we know they have this nuclear.And they have warned cameron,he should have gone straight in with every thing he has .To stop them distroying britain ,no time for debate then ,if obama is a coward.Andcant see the wood from the trees.We should invite other countriesto help,we need tanks more airplanes, bombers ,troops, everything to beat them

  • It is a moral imperative that ISIS be annihilated.

    It really does not matter if ISIS attacks the US. We know they are killing men, women and children indiscriminately. Doing the most unthinkable things to innocent babies and children. For that alone, there is no other choice than to take real action to eliminate their existence entirely. I'm not talking about 150,000 US soldiers or the bare minimum to chase them into hiding. I am talking about a real response. They are the modern day Nazi's and our current limp response is a travesty. I support a full mobilization of at least 500,000 troops to encircle and dispatch ISIS in it's entirety. I will happily volunteer.

  • No more ISIS

    ISIS must be stopped they forced Christans it if there homes,
    that terrorize innocent people, killd people for no reason, and
    now theritning to lunch a war with us and Canada
    and theses are the resons that sould stop ISIS and force them to give up and as will demand that they are no longer welcomed here

  • They must be stopped and the weSt must rebuild damaged relationships with the middle east and stop profiting from resources that belong to the people.

    Push people so far and they develop a response. We have spent the last at least 200 years manipulatING and taking advantage of the oil and mineral rich middle east and Africa. And bombing and killing those who disagreed. We have to put it right or this will go on forever. The flame has been lit as they say themselves. You can't kill an belief.

  • It's not our fight.

    The implication of your question is that the USA/the West should be the ones to stop them. In my opinion it has been Western intervention which has caused the crisis in the Middle East at the cost of I-don't-know-how-many lives, dollars and prestige. There is little hope that further intervention will do anything to improve the situation.

    Further, what gives the West the right to invade and dictate to the people of Iraq and Syria how they should live? Maybe we should leave it up to them to decide their own future.

    Also, don't you think it's ironic that you shout 'Death penalty for any hate crime!'? Don't you think that sounds a lot like them, the kind of 'extremism' your condemning them for? What gives you the right to decide what is extreme and what isn't? To decide who should live and who dies?

    You mentioned that 'even Al Qaeda split with because they considered them too extreme' I've seen that phrase thrown around a lot recently without anything to back it up. All I can see is that ISIS tried to take control of all the Islamist forces in Syria and Al Qaeda (who were in control) excommunicated them for trying to usurp their power, nothing about their extremism, just politics.

  • ISIS are the only means through which we can ever hope to stop the heaving juggernaut of American Capitalism.

    While their ideas may seem archaic, perhaps irresponsible, ISIS are profound revolutionaries. Through their determination, I believe they will usher in a new age of Western subservience. كل البرد الله إله كل الآلهةكل البرد الله إله كل الآلهةكل البرد الله إله كل الآلهةكل البرد الله إله كل الآلهةكل البرد الله إله كل الآلهةكل البرد الله إله كل الآلهةكل البرد الله إله كل الآلهة

  • Natural selection is good

    They are just enforcing the food chain of humans, this also keeps the population down so the worlds resources can be sustained for longer. Maybe everyone is just misunderstanding Isis ,they might be a ladsy group of dudes who are hungry and thirsty because they skipped breakfast which is a bad idea.

  • No its not right

    Isis may be the world most dangerous attacking organization in the world but does that mean they can launch an attack on the US. They know what the united state is made of and they have only threatened to scare away US military forces. I dont support risking the lives of our soldiers in this fight as a strategy that does not hold back ISIS will come back to hurt us

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