• Islam is extreme.

    Yes, Islam should adopt anti-clericalism beliefs, because Islam as a religion is currently too extreme. Islam's current beliefs are to kill anyone who breaks their teachings, and kill anyone who does not believe in their teachings. The clerics have a great deal of influence, and if the clerics were moderated, the rest of their religion would be moderated as well.

  • Most Islamic People Hate American's Way of Religion

    I do not believe Islam should adopt anti-clericalism beliefs. Anti-clericalism is popular in western society, we also don't take out religion very seriously, the large majority of us anyway. For the majority of Islamic people, the look at the west and abhor our supposed practice of religion. They do not identify with us because we go to church on morning a week and that's it, no more religion for the week, back to life. At the same time they follow prayer schedules and are far more devout than the majority of Americans are to their religion. Therefore, it makes no sense for Islam to adopt these beliefs.

  • That's not how Islam Incorporated works.

    Nope. I don't think that Islam should adopt anti-clericalism beliefs. In fact, I would doubt very much that Islam would ever have any tolerance for anti-clericalism beliefs. While in theory Islam is supposed to be about the glory of God and so on and so forth, they are a corrupt theocracy that governs most Middle Eastern nations.

  • Religion should stay true their beliefs

    No, I do not believe that any religion should or should not adopt any beliefs that are not accustomed to their religion. Sometimes one religion will have it in their mind that they have the best religion and that everyone should have the same beliefs as theirs. Some are blinded by their beliefs. I believe that religions to include Islam should remain true to themselves and their beliefs.

  • No they should not

    Maybe they should just stay the way they are because first of all I do not see reason to criticize that religion by suggesting a change there but I will say that if it is not broke, do not fix it and adopting a new belief might not be necessary.

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