• Scared of Koran

    Like what kms said on the no section, the Koran hasn't been changed for thousands of years that's why people still get slaughtered like animals like its medieval times. That's why majority of radicals follow Koran literally. I feel bad for the millions of families victimized by these radicals, reform is way overdue.

  • In contrast to the christian church, Islam went through no nameable reformations and is therefore incompatible with the modern times

    Islam in his old form is no longer compatible with the modern lifestyle concepts and woman´s selfdetermination especially in the western world. I think the Islam is destructive, it reduces inventions. And in a enlightenment society we should be able to reflect about religions and cultures without prejudices and therefore it is necessary that muslims are willing to get into a controversial descussion.

  • As I read it ......

    The Koran, even tho it does mirror a few biblical stories, is a tough read. It does keep saying how merciful God is, but in the next sentence gives no room for infidels, which of course is everyone that does not believe Islam. So, it seems that Mohammed created his own version of what God approves of & what He doesn't. If God is merciful, as the bible states, then He is just that. It's not for just those that believe in Mohammad's version & stating everyone that is not a believer is Satan, as he continually does. One can tell from the different chapters (Sura's) that Mohammad changes his mind regarding his stance whatever & whenever he felt like it.

  • Muslims need to change, not Islam

    The Quran is the true word of God and should not be changed. However, due to the ambiguity of some of the verses in the Quran, it is subjected to various interpretations by various Muslims. Terror groups like ISIS interpret the Quran in their own way to commit atrocities. At the same time, there are also Muslims who are interpreting the Quran to condemn terrorism. Muslims can easily change themselves for the better.

  • I follow my personal beliefs and convictions not society

    Forget modern times i follow the quran that has been unchanged, and preserved for over 1400 years just like prophet muhammad pbuh said it would. Gods REAL words can never be changed. I agree that there are many truths in the bible, but also many contradictions, because it has been changed over time. 0 contradictions in the quran

    Posted by: kms
  • Innovating the religion is against Islamic teaching.

    The Qu'ran is meant to remain unchanged in its meaning or interpretation. Muslims believe the Qu'ran to be true and Islam to be an eternal faith. How can Muslims carry that belief if they change the religion just because "modern" society and values speaks against it. I am not expecting society to conform to Islam but Islam should not conform to non Muslim values and beliefs. How can a Muslim remain a Muslim if he changes his faith and not himself.

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