Should Islam be regarded as a peaceful religion (yes) or an extremist one (no)?

  • Well over 90% so far do not kill or wage war in it's name so I have to say so.

    Well over 90% so far do not kill or wage war in it's name so I have to say so. Not all religions are violent, Jainism is centered around not killing any living thing at all. Islam realizes there are situations like self defense where killing should be allowed so I guess its Abrahamic roots like Christianity and Judaism make it like that. I think other factors than just the religion influence terrorism, look at turkey with 80 million people and less than 10 if any terrorists (not separatists which aren't religious but ethnic), and Saudi Arabia with less than 20 million but lots of terrorists. The religion itself is mostly peaceful for not encouraging violence over a 10% mark if even 5% of the 1.8 billion Muslims on earth

  • Islam is peaceful.

    Let's add up all the people killed over history in the name of Christianity. Then let's do the same for Islam. The numbers, I'm certain, would not be very different. So either we label both as extremist, or we label both as peaceful. Because either way, a few people doing harm do not represent an entire religion.

  • A Peaceful Religion

    I believe Islam should be regarded as a peaceful religion, because for the most part, it is. The followers of Islam are much like the followers of any other religion. Americans have been exposed to the extremist and for many of us, that is all we have been exposed to. That does not however, mean that everyone in the faith is a terrorist.

  • Islam is a religion which asks its adherents to be peaceful to all.

    Like any religion, it can be misrepresented as a aggressive, controlling force. Look to the many sects of the Ku Klux Klan as an apt American example. These men were motivated (radicalized) by the notion that the Bible told them that whites must subjugate the other races to build a more perfect Christian nation. To this day, every Klansman or Klanswoman wear the blood drop inside a cross symbol on their ghost outfits. Why? You can supply your own answer.

  • Both of these answers overgeneralize

    "Yes" and "no" are both wrong. It depends on the individual practicing Islam or the interpretation applied to Islam. Just like any other religion. It's what a given believer makes of it.

    I'm only going with "yes" because it just feels better to generalize that everyone in a group is peaceful than it is to say everyone in a group is extremist. But hopefully you read the comment and realize I'm saying it's incorrect to generalize either way.

  • Muslims actions don't equal Islam

    People bang on about whether Islam is peaceful or not, based on actions of Muslims.
    This is not judging the actual religion, it's judging the (imperfect) humans who follow it.
    Just because some idiots like to massacre, kill, terrorise innocent people, it doesn't mean that's Islam. It is just people identifying as Muslim and disobeying Islam.

    Islam doesn't change. People do. Don't judge on Isis actions. Judge it on the actual religion.
    I, for one, think it is peaceful and tolerant in its true form. Shame not many people like Islam in its true form; this doesn't give them much scope for power and hiding behind a peaceful, tolerant religion doesn't work, so they twist it and hide behind THAT.

  • Islam in itself is a peaceful religion.

    Islam is not a religion that preaches war or states that its followers should force Islam upon all non-believers. The definition of extremism (as found on Google and other sources) is 'an ideology considered to be far outside the mainstream attitudes of society or to violate common moral standards'. Islam is one of the five major religions of the world, and is also similar to Judaism and Christianity - two more of the five major religions. As such it is not far outside of the mainstream attitudes of society in regards to other religions. It's traditions are also not far outside the mainstream attitudes of society either. Many people may not agree with the traditions, etc., but there are many who do agree. Islam as a religion does not violate any common moral standards either. It is certain extremist groups of followers and their interpretation of Islamism (such as the Taliban and ISIS) that take Islam to an extreme and use violence and other immoral methods to implement their ideologies on others. As such, Islam is a peaceful religion and not an extremist one.

  • No, its extremists

    I think the bad ones have pushed it way too far out there. We all are scared of all the people in this religion, it has had too much blood shed. The fundamentals of the religion are sound,but they took it to a tee, blood shed is what they believe now, and always will.

  • It is an extremist faith.

    There is no doubt that Islam is a dangerous and delusional faith. Just take a look at the living conditions in Muslim countries, suicide bombers, and how often "moderates" agree with terrorists. Aside from this, the Koran is completely barbaric. This isn't just Islam's issue though; it's the issue of faith as a whole. At least scripturally.

  • Violent death cult

    If Islam is a peaceful religion answer me these questions:
    Why then is there 109 verses in the Qur'an advocating for violence?
    Why is there verses in the Qur'an saying you can torture "infidels" to get them to convert?
    Why does the Qur'an say you can beat(4:34), and rape (2:223) your wife?
    Tell me, why does the Sunnah order FGM?

  • Islam is a peaceful religion

    Islam is a peaceful religion and just because some extremist take it too far does not mean that every follower of this religion is an extremist. The faith that they have has a lot to do with Chrisianity, and the killing that happened in the crusades in the middle ages is more than the killing that some crazy extremists do for "jihad"

  • Islam is not a peaceful religion.

    Now, someone IS going to read this and think,"NO! WE SHOULD ACCEPT ISLAM!" however, only a fool would completely disregard these facts. 1: Muslims make up about 0.5% of the US population. 2: Most terror attacks are commited by Muslims. If they scream "Allah Akbar!"then kill themselves, they count as a Muslim, like if someone yelled, "Praise Jesus!", nobody would doubt that they were Christian. 3: A recent survey in Britain shows that 50% of Muslims have a desire to see homosexuality criminalized. This is too high! If only 5-8% of Muslims are 'Radical', explain this! 4: The Qu'ran teaches that murder, rape, and torture are fine, as long as they are commited agianst non-muslims. These are not simply mistranslations as the muslim community would have us believe. I am not saying (or, typing) that you should hate Islam. However, I do and these are indisputable FACTS, people, FACTS!

  • Not all of them are terrorsits but...

    Ok, not every Muslim is a terrorist. But about 5 percent of them are/support terrorism. That's 65 million, big number. Does this make the religion as a whole extremist? No.
    Think about the Muslims that aren't terrorists though. Pakistan, Egypt, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Libya. All of these countries have governments supported by the people that execute you for leaving Islam, throw gays off roofs and oppress non Muslims and women. Let's say about 400 million Muslims support this. 30 percent.
    What about the ones that aren't terrorists or extremists? How many of them support gay rights, women rights etc? About 400 million - 30 percent, meaning 40 percent don't.
    To those 30 percent I am sorry that you are being associated with terrorists and extremists.
    To those 30 percent, you are incompatible with human values. To those 40 percent, you are incompatible with western values. This is why people want you deported and banned. You support criminalising homosexuality, oppressing women and banning people from leaving your religion. Many of you view us in disgust, and many of us view you in disgust. Again to the tolerant, liberal side of Islam I am sorry but when 30 percent of your religion are hardcore extremists and another 40 are softcore, the religion is extremist.
    But we can't neglect times when Christianity was extremist, inquisition, crusade and recently sebrencia. Every Religion has times when it is extremist and the peaceful are a minority (inquisition + crusade) and when the peaceful are a majority but there is still a large extremist minority (sebrencia).
    So those saying all Muslims are animals and deserve to be killed, your religion was just like that a few hundred years ago.

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