Should Israel annex Gaza and possibly the West Bank as well?

Asked by: General-Z
  • To Support Peace

    Right now, there is an eternal war between the people of Gaza and Israel. In order to end this, Israel should annex Palestine. If Palestinians don't like it, then they should flee and find a nation that has suitable policies for them. Besides, this way, the chances of terrorism inside the area of Palestine-Israel would drastically decrease. Keeping Palestine and Israel as separate neighbors will only lead to more violence and genocide.

  • I support this..

    Islam came into possession of many nations following the Jihad carried out by Muhammad's ghazis and it is outrageous that Islamist can openly call for the extermination of all Jews (as the charter of Hamas states and the leader of Hezbollah has stated). Islamic nations are utterly devoid of any human rights and it is utterly amazing that to encounter individuals that actually uses condemnations and utterances at the U.N. when everyone knows the shameful truth that the world's worst human rights violators sit on the human rights council condemning the Jews (0.02% of the population) defending their survival against Jihad, which makes Nazism look tame by comparison. The Arab world expelled 1 million Jews, which many sought refugee in Israel while Arabs that left to make way for 5 invading Arab armies to destroy the day old nation of Israel cling to an absurd argument that they have a right to return despite law and logic being against it and denying the expulsion of Jews. The British gave away over 80% of the Jewish Homeland (Transjordan) as a reward for the Kingdom of Saud. Gaza shouldn't have been unilaterally abandoned by Israel, which led to Hamas' rise, three military conflicts, and heightened aggression. Gaza should be invaded and Hamas should be utterly defeated.

  • General Z...... No where to go!

    In reference to general z's commentary the people in gaza cannot leave at all because the government of Israel won't let them! Besides the annexation of a country,territory, or someone's home always ends in beautiful peace doesn't it??? Why would the people of Palestine want to leave their HOME!!! There are in gaza what the Eurocentric views call "terrorism" but the terrorists and supporters of genocide are the Israeli government.

  • This is Not Even Worth Giving Thought To

    A history teacher at my school gave my class an analogy of what is going on between Palestine and Israel: If Native Americans knocked on our doors and told us that we were now homeless, what would we do?

    Well, this is the same situation. As much as I am a non-Anti-semitist, I also disagree with Zionism, which has been classified as racism by UN.

    And the fact that Israel is bullying neighboring nations with its more modern firepower is unacceptable. Even European countries, which once supported Zionism, now oppose it.

  • To Support Peace (the right way)

    I'd like you to imagine a Native American uprising in which Russia and China join forces to give the land many of us are currently living on back to the Native Americans. They outnumber us 3:1 and crush us and after a brief hypothetical war this small sector of Native Americans rule us. Suddenly, all these tribes you've never heard of start popping up and joining this new high elite of Native Americans.

    We, naturally, are outraged at this notion. "We've been here for hundreds of years!", we say. They say "We've been here for thousands" and, because we are so angry, and because we pose some kind of threat to this new elite, they start militarizing our neighborhoods and rationing our food. Soon our communications are cut and we are not allowed to leave. They build walls around us and call us terrorists and suddenly Russia and China do too. We try to cobble together some kind of freedom force, but every time we do we get bombed and slaughtered. We get more and more desperate and more depraved, and boom!

    There you have Palestine.

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