Should Israel apologize for not allowing autistic people or tomboys rights until 1998?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Much like the Nordic countries, the KKK mentality is strong in the Jewish state

    This is a state that denied rights to autistic people and tomboys. It was legal to deny them access to anything until 1998. And they've never apologized for doing that. It's a horrible thing that p*sses me off everyday. I think they owe those particular people in Israel a major apology for their crap.

  • Countries do what they feel is best at the time

    Lots of countries around the world do and have done far worse than this and no one expects them to apologise.

    People need to learn about the differences between people and then they can accepts them. This is a learning process and it does not happen over night. At least their rights are acknowledged now.

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Mike01506 says2014-04-20T14:14:02.163
It's their country, so they should do as they please.
Another example of American culture trying to force other nationalities to abide to their morals.
Adam2 says2014-04-23T00:59:58.080
I say we boycott them