• Yes, preferably with NATO help.

    Two reasons for yes, the first is that an Iran with nuclear weapons is simply unacceptable, its risky enough that Pakistan has them and they are allied with the US, Iran however would be likely to give nuclear material to terrorist groups it supports, groups that will use them against Israel and the West, so its important that if diplomacy fails, which in my mind it already has, that Iran be forcibly stripped of its nuke program, not occupied, just bombed, civilian casualties should not be too much of an issue if the IAF/USAF/RAF conduct themselves properly.

    The second reason is, quite frankly, if one nation threatens to wipe another of the face of the planet, then the threatened nation, who by the way has never threatened any other country without being threatened or attacked first, should be allowed to defend itself, Israel, since its controversial conception has had its very existence threatened, they have to sleep with one eye open and a loaded gun beneath their pillow, and what country in their right mind would not react to such danger. There is no country in the world that would just sit back and wait for its sworn enemy to get weapons that could annihilate them.

    I understand people wanting peace, and I'm sure Israel want peace more than any of them, including the Palestinian Authority, but sometimes, there is no other way but to fight fire with fire., because the trouble with Islamic republics, is that they are ruled by Islamic fundamentalists, rather than the more progressive secular Turkey, they believe it is in their Jihad duty to destroy Israel and are not interested in peace or even recognizing Israel. But on the other hand I do acknowledge that an attack on Iran could start a wider chain reaction leading to more deaths, my counter argument to that is that its better than nuclear holocaust.

  • Yes Israel should attack Iran with full force

    Israel is surrounded by enemies on all sides and ready for peace with Iran but The Islamic Republic hates the jews due to their religion and views jews as heretics.

    Israel has always respected the Muslims by giving them equal rights in their country which Iran has not.

    Israel hardly has any support in Middle east except for Turkey which is unlikely to send troops on behalf of Israel.

    Offence is the best Defence hence Israel should attack Iran with full force:)

  • You know that Iran wants to bomb Iseral so why can't Iseral attack Iran and do know what I call stupid. I Call Iran stupid.

    They are trying to destroy Iseral and must pay for this we can't let Iran control us we control Irana and for all the bad deeds that they are doing right now it is wrong to have faith on a country who is good at lieing and cheating other countries. And this might be the only way to the the attempting bombing of Iseral. And you say that dose not have a bomb will your wrong again just prim minister nentyahyu said they alredy been through this and we can't let Iran do it again or els we have to pay the price of a fallen, destroyed, bombed Iseral

  • No and They Should Be On Their Own If They Decide To

    Ultimately it's up to Israel but the American public must stand up and say "NO! You are out of line. If you want a war, FIGHT IT YOURSELF!" This 'alliance' is a one-sided relationship between the United States and the moocher state, Israel. We give them so much in military aid already it's as though we'd be fighting the war for them anyways without sending our own people because they got our equipment. They should be grateful for that, say "thank you", and not demand we help at all if they're going to be so reckless with how they use our gifts.

  • Definitely No

    There are various peaceful ways that Israel can handle the situation and not have to resort to violent methods. Wars only cause more chaos, destruction, and negativity toward the situation as a whole. There is definitely no need for people to lose their lives over a political situation; peaceful talks can eventually solve the problems without the cost of numerous lives.

  • No, no and definitely no.

    Israel attacking Iran or Iran attacking Israel would precisely mean the start of world war 3. It would mean a clash between to distinct religious groups with many enemies and allies. The use of force should be the last option to be used and countries that have common allies should try to find the means to avoid any attack between these two countries.

  • No.

    Israel should not attack Iran, unless there is some provocation. At the moment it does not seem like Iran is in any place to start a war with anyone so why should Israel start one. Also it appears that economic sanctions are working, and that is a much better preference than war.

  • Risks far too great

    If Israel did attack Iran, there would be far too great a loss of life to be considered worthwhile. In addition, Iran stands to pose little threat to Israel in the first place. While Iran may or may not be developing enriched nuclear elements, this does not mean that they pose a threat to the rest of the world. In either case, a peaceful solution must exist and should be sought after.

  • stupid!

    War should be our last rersort! That is a waste of human lives and money! I hope they never go to war. we will all have to get involed. It is really none of our businseess I shudder to think that the would fight each outher. I hope and pray that this will never happen in our life time. I hope Iran does not have a bomb

  • What does a war really solve?

    I think that if Israel were to attack Iran it would solve nothing. Ultimately it would just lead to more blood shed, and who needs that? I think that they really have to sit down and discuss a compromise between their nations. What happened to signing treaties and pacts? This would be the ideal time for just that.

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