Should Israel be made to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty?

Asked by: dnasir
  • Threat to peace in the Middle East

    Such an aggressive nation such as Israel should not be allowed to maintain its large arsenal of nuclear weapons. Despite them always playing the victim, Israel has often been the first to initiate attacks on neighbouring countries under the guise of "self-defence". Ridding them of their nuclear arsenal is essential to promoting peace in the Middle East.

  • YES yes yes

    What I don't like about the US is that just because Israel is our ally, we don't care if they have nuclear weapons because we know they won't use it against us. America should be fair to all the countries when it comes to nuclear weapons possession. We just don't want Ian or Syria to have chemical weapons because they might use it against us. But if a country, like say, Switzerland had nukes, we wouldn't look twice at them because they are not our enemies and they are not a country of much power.

  • Israel abuses its power.

    From the millions of innocent palestinians civilians that were killed during the occupation, i noticed that israel is a terrorist state. Till this day israel uses chemical weapons on the city of gaza, which it justifies with calling the freedom fighters terrorists. Really israel is the one killing the civilians and is the terrorist, so its dangerous for people when a terrorists has nuclear bombs.

  • They are far to threatened.

    Since the time of their nations birth they have been under constant danger and threat. Constantly under attack, constantly threatened, their have even been times that the whole of the middle eastern Islamic nations have united together to attack Israel. With such constant threat at its borders Israel needs every possible asset available to deteriorate these threats. And a nuclear war head is a big way of saying " don't fu(k with me".

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