Should Israel disband it's illegal settlements and return to it's rightful borders as defined in 1967?

Asked by: MulanLabe
  • Israels current policies will lead to nothing but problems in the future. It Should abide international law.

    Israel has been at odds with their neighbors for almost half a century now, and it doesn't seem to be keen on stopping the bloodshed.
    And the line of argument that claims it's somehow justified by unsuccessful Hamas attacks is ridiculous! When you're living under a military occupation the only possible option you have is to fight back......
    The fact of the matter is that whenever you force a population into submission, you get a violent backlash. This was the case in Ireland, Catalonia, Yugoslavia and many more. And Israel has been destroying any chance that the Palestinian people have of making their country livable.
    Because of this I believe that the only way for Israel to achieve any kind of peace and stability is to finally accept the state of Palestine, return the stolen land (the settlements & co) and to pursue a new two state solution.

  • Israel should stop killing innocent people.

    They must tolerate with Palestinians and stop bullying. What Israel does makes hater in Muslims hearts from other countries. This hater will turn into blood and many other civilians will die. When Muslims from other countries see their fellow Muslims suffering in Palestine they start protesting and putting pressure on their government to take military actions toward Israel. Wars!!!

  • Israel has no right to exist!

    Give Palestine back to the Palestinians!
    Israel is the second largest terrorist state on earth!
    Israel has no right to exist!
    Israel has no right to exist!
    Israel has no right to exist!
    Israel has no right to exist!
    Israel has no right to exist!
    Israel has no right to exist!

  • Yes it should

    The settlements are illegal. They are literally bull dozing Arab homes or at least kicking Arabs out of their property and building settlements for extremist fundamentalist violent jews to live. Israeli settlers often harass and even attack arabs and many arabs have to have bars around their homes because of the violent settlers.

  • Its the only way to peace

    In order for their to be peace in Palestine, Israel must end its illegal occupation of Palestine, including the West Bank and East Jerusalem. This means the abandonment of all settlements in the West Bank (with compensation and mortgage elimination schemes for settlers to make a new start in Israel), the withdrawal of all Israeli military and police forces from the West Bank and East Jerusalem, the recognition of Palestine as a sovereign nation, the dismantling of the apartheid wall (aka the West Bank Barrier), recognition of the Palestinian right of return, the release of Palestinian prisoners in Israel and payment of reparations to the State of Palestine for the occupation and human rights violations.
    This is to say nothing of the concessions needed in Gaza.
    There will need to concessions by Palestinians, including the free access to Jewish religious sites in the West Bank and East Jerusalem and the ability for Israelis to legally purchase land in Palestine and the ability for Israelis to purchase, own or open businesses in Palestine and for Israeli citizens in East Jerusalem who do not reside in settlements to retain their places of residence and businesses.
    There will also need to be some form of Two State confederation between Israel and Palestine to build a lasting, peaceful relationship. This will probably include a currency union, an elected assembly (like the European Parliament), a joint security agreement and potentially the freedom of movement and trade.

  • No it shouldn't

    Israel got its land by the wars between Palestine and itself. In this manner, it was just using a more violent way to make its land area bigger than the russia way(crimea). Further more, it is not breaking any international law. Even further more, there is always conflicts between these two countries in the past. Israel is just fighting for inherited hostility. Why should not Israel fought back?

  • It deserves it

    Israel was attacked by the countries it got it's land from without provocation from the former. The later nations deserved some sort of punishment for this unjust war and the giving of land to their archenemies with whom they just wage war is the perfect penance. With that being said, due to it technically owning the land that it gained from surviving an onslaught of stronger Muslim nations, Israel can do whatever it wants.

  • No they shouldent

    No they shouldn't, and their settlements are not illegal, they won them after the six day war, and it is not the only way to peace, the Muslims are not attacking because they want their land back, they are attacking because they are terrorists, and backing away will only make the issue worse, you want peace, nuke the Muslims before they have nukes too.

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Vox_Veritas says2015-12-24T22:48:38.863
Loaded question.
BrendanD19 says2015-12-25T07:50:17.367
Its still a legit question. Eliminate the word rightful and its no longer loaded.
MulanLabe says2015-12-25T11:35:15.990
I used the word rightful based on international law, since there is a consensus among the international communities that the settlements are illegal the question can not be loaded.
Vox_Veritas says2015-12-26T00:57:36.797
There are many people who would disagree with that statement. Here's a better title: Should Israel disband its settlements, which many people believe to be illegal, and return to its 1967 borders?
MulanLabe says2015-12-26T23:22:49.047
Doesn't really matter how many people agree with something unless they are the ones who's job it is to investigate and to decide that. And as far as the settlements are concerned there isn't a question that they are illegal, the only ones denying it are the Israelis, and I think we can agree that they aren't them most objective side in this story.....