Should Israel get involved in the Syrian conflict?

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  • No, thanks though

    Israel should work on that whole "Palestinians are people" thing they've been struggling with, then we can talk about their intervention in things outside their border. Besides, the Syrian people already got a guy who is murdering their women and children for them, no need to bring in the IDF to do more of it.

  • No, Israel should not

    Israel already has enough problems that they need to deal with right now without getting involved with Syria. They cannot seem to even handle their situation with Palestine, let alone get involved in another foreign affair with a country. Israel needs to worry more about their own country at this point.

  • No, Israel should not get involved

    The situation in Syria is untenable, everyone agrees with that. But armed intervention from Israel is not the answer. Tensions between the two countries are still strained (especially with the recent border clashes) and adding more fuel to the conflict seems an unwise course. There are plenty of other countries that can assist Syria.

  • Israel Should Stay Out

    Involvement in the Syrian conflict is highly inadvisable for Israel, in my opinion. This small country has more than enough on its plate already. It’s surrounded by hostile forces eager for an excuse to invade or increase hostilities and constantly pummeled as it is with rocket artillery that it’s powerless to stop. Israel’s traditionally greatest friend and source of support, the United States, has shown a somewhat shaky resolve in connection with this small and isolated democracy in recent months. There is probably no surer way for Israel to raise to an even higher pitch the irresponsible cries of crimes against humanity than to intrude right now into the Syrian insurgency

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