• Israel Should Grant Payam Asylum

    Payam Feili is a gay, Iranian poet who fled the country to seek refuge in Israel. In this particular case, Payam's well-being could be in jeopardy due to his sexual orientation living in a politically and religiously conservative nation, such as Iran. Israel should allow the young man to reside in their borders as a means of protecting him from the possibly dangers he could face back home.

  • Payam Feili seeks refuge in Israel for political and social reasons, and therefore he should be allowed to remain in Israell longer

    Yes, Israel should grant poet Payam Feili asylum. Israel is a country Feili has fallen in love with. He says he is fascinated with Israeli culture and history. Israel is a more open and tolerant country, one in which Feili's controversial writings may gain acceptance. He faces persecution over his sexuality, and he believes his life is in danger if he returns to Iran, a strict, conservative society. Feili should be given permanent residency because of his situation. It is unlikely that Feili would return to Iran.

  • Israel should grant asylum to Payam Feili

    It is my opinion that Israel should grant asylum to Payam Feili, and in general to all people who are under legitimate threat in their own country of residence due to their sexuality, gender, or religion. No human should be silenced by their government for expressing themselves freely, especially when it comes to art and writing.

  • Israel should grant Payam Feili asylum

    Israel should grant Payam Feili asylum. His only "crimes" were writing books that the Iranian government found objectionable and being openly gay. If these hard line positions are tolerated because of fear, others will be afraid to speak out. We will lose our ability to operate in a free and open society.

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